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38 | DECEMBER 2021


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Ultraframe has announced the launch of a new goalpost for its Glass Roof and Livinroof systems , which will allow Ultraframe installers and builders to create open-sided Grand Designs with clear openings in excess of 6.5m , and doors in excess of 10m .
Whilst homeowners take pride in their home , and want it to look it ’ s best , it can sometimes come at a price . Many are looking for low maintenance options to free up precious time and save money over the years .
One such family in Banbury , Oxfordshire , turned to local Freefoam Registered Installer Ricky Romera of Professor Windows to help them with an ongoing issue with their property . The house featured ten dormer windows around the front and back elevations covered in painted concrete render . With constant exposure to the elements cold frosts caused the render to separate and become cracked and discolored . Consequently to keep the property watertight and tidy this meant the homeowner was spending thousands of pounds every year on scaffolding and repair . They needed a long term solution .

It ’ s a cost effective , easy care solution that can completely transform a house

Replacing with a traditional timber cladding was an option , but again would involve regular maintenance . Professor Windows had undertaken other work for the homeowner and recommended Fortex embossed PVC cladding , in the Weatherboard option . Having used Freefoam cladding on other properties Ricky was confident
that it would be the ideal solution for this situation .
Ricky explained : “ We ’ ve used the Freefoam cladding before on dormer elevations , and it works really well . This property took us a couple of weeks . With scaffolding in place we removed all the render , fitted battens and installed the cladding on each dormer . It was easy to fit and we used the matching trims to give each one a neat , professional finish .”
Fortex embossed cladding is available in a wide range of colours and the homeowner was able to choose the Sand option , which was a similar colour to the original painted render , and coordinates very well with the windows and brickwork .
Ricky summarised : “ The homeowner is delighted with the results , and has had lots of positive comments about the transformation the cladding has made from neighbours and friends . He is also very pleased to be saving a considerable amount of money each year , with no costly repair and maintenance . We ’ ve seen a big increase in requests for PVC cladding and have more jobs lined up . It ’ s a cost effective , easy care solution that can completely transform a house and makes a great addition to our business .”
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This latest new product from the conservatory and extension specialist has been developed to provide a hassle-free route to structural support for the large spans of doors or clear spans that are now a key feature of many conservatory and extension designs .
Commenting about the new goalpost , Ultraframe Marketing Director , Alex Hewitt , said : “ The designs that were once classed as ‘ Grand Designs ’ with large spans of doors or open space on two or more sides are becoming more and more the norm . The stability of the roof on such designs needs careful consideration and builders and installers would typically use their local steel fabricator to create a bespoke steel goalpost , and a structural engineer to do all the calculations . This involves a leap of faith that the roof and goalpost will work as they should when they come together and means dealing with three different suppliers . Our new goalpost is specified at the time of ordering the roof and Ultraframe ’ s in-house structural engineers use our bespoke software to run all the necessary calculations . The goalpost and roof are designed and manufactured to work perfectly together , meaning that ordering a goalpost from Ultraframe is simple and hassle free .”
Along with being hassle free to order , the new Ultraframe goalpost also offers huge benefits on site . Engineered aluminum beams are as light as they are strong and come in lengths no greater than 7m which can be joined with another post at a fixed point for larger spans . This means that they are light enough to be lifted into place , as opposed to hiring machinery such as a genie lift .
The goalpost can also be supplied with a beam deflection kit which acts as a cushion or spring , allowing the header beam to safely deflect by up to 6mm without affecting the head of the door frame and the smooth operation of the doors below . The goalpost can be concealed within the Ultraframe internal pelmet or left visible and powder-coated in the colour of the homeowner ’ s choice , and in terms of suitability , can be used on any shape or style of Glass Roof or Livinroof extension .
For projects with bi-folds the goalpost can be used on door spans of up to 6.5m , and for larger scale projects featuring lift & slide doors with intermediate structural posts where the doors meet , doors in excess of 10m can be catered for .
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