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DECEMBER 2021 | 35



Grey may have dominated fenestration for the past few years when it comes to doors , windows and conservatories , but there is only one colour to keep in mind for the foreseeable future and that is green . Green products , green processes , eco friendly and energy efficient . Some methods of staying green seem obvious ; making considerations on your carbon footprint , for example , when it comes to manufacturing and transport , installing charging points for company cars , recycling en masse , etc .
Over the last six months , however , in conjunction with EcoFootprint Limited , Clearview Group has been exploring and introducing new ways that fenestration companies and corporations can not only get cleaner , greener energy for their business premises , but also potentially add to their own portfolio and profit margins . In the sixth and final instalment , we round up and review all the information …
Since 2011 , ECO Footprint Ltd has been recognised as a top supplier and installer of renewable technology in South Yorkshire including Air Source Heat Pumps , Solar Panels and Solar Batteries . For those that don ’ t know Air Source Heat Pumps take in air from outside to heat a liquid refrigerant . Using electricity , the pump compresses the liquid to
increase its temperature . This then condenses back into a liquid to release stored heat . Heat is sent to radiators or underfloor heating ; the remainder is stored in a hot water cylinder to be used for showers , baths and taps .
There has been much talk about them recently in the press , due to Government grants and initiatives . Air Source Heat Pumps tick all the boxes for eco-conscious home and business owners as they provide efficient , green energy without the use of fossil fuels . In terms of economical savings , the everyday cost of heating and hot water can also reduce , which is something that no bill payer will ever turn down .
For the property owner , this means a future-proof heating solution for the home or business . For new developments , whether residential or commercial , Air Source
Heat Pumps can be included in the ‘ bones of the building ’ and can be drawn into the plans just as doors , windows , glazing , roofing , even hardware choices are made . Just as the safety and security criteria of a building and its intended use are of utmost importance to the architect and specifier of a project , energy efficiency and eco responsibility is part and parcel of the plans now , and rightly so .
Subsequently , the costings of running a building long-term especially for commercial properties such as schools , hospitals , municipal buildings etc must be factored in . Likewise for residential properties , efficient and effective heating that is also low cost and kind to the environment ticks every box for the savvy would-be resident or landlord . Most importantly , for fenestration companies , aside from
changing the way you can potentially sustainably heat your own business premises and keep track of energy bills , it ’ s a lucrative opportunity to add to your own specification and installation portfolio ; especially if you offer extensions , garden rooms and renovations of commercial properties .
One simple question of ‘ have you considered an Air Source Heat Pump ?’ when quoting such a job is all it takes . The choice is then up to the fitter whether they wish to pass the lead onto an accredited and approved Air Source Heat Pump company or carry out the install themselves ( with adequate training of course ).
For larger corporations , affiliating yourself with an Air Source Heat Pump company not only adds extra revenue to a business ’ order books , it ‘ nails your colours
to the mast ’ for brands that assert opinions on sustainability and energy efficiency . For fenestration companies that spend a lot of time ( and money ) on the design and development of energy efficient doors , windows , hardware et al , an Air Source Heat Pump could be the cherry on top of an eco-friendly , ultra efficient home at a much lower cost to the planet and the bill payer .
There is no question that renewable energy is the only way forward . There are seldom and few brands and businesses that deny the significance of sustainability in their everyday practices , yet the few that strive to be the best they can in this field rather than just keeping up won ’ t just get a gold star , they ’ ll get a green one too .
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