Pro Installer December 2021 - Issue 105 - Page 30

Installer Support
30 | DECEMBER 2021

Installer Support


Tech start-up Augmented Reality Creations ( ARC ) has launched a ground-breaking technological innovation that ’ s already set to be a game changer for the conservatory market .

Taking care of glass lifting with CRL

Handle with care is always a requirement of lifting such a fragile material as glass , and with CRL it can be carried out with ease , thanks to a comprehensive range of products and solutions .
Highlights of the range include the CRL S338 Sure-Grip Vacuum Lifter , boasting the greatest lifting capacity of any 203mm pump-activated lifter . Featuring a superior ‘ press and pump ’ attachment feature , the lifter gives a secure grip even when used one-handed and has an unrivalled lifting capacity of 68kg .
CRL Wood ’ s Power-Grip ® Vacuum Cup is similarly as effective at making glass lifting simple and safe . The 203mm diameter pad has a 57 kg lifting capacity , while the check valve allows re-pumping without any loss of remaining vacuum , maximising efficiency when working with glass .
Making the manoeuvre of large glass panels simple too , the CRL Glasstrax Glass Dolly has a clever self-clamping action that
locks loads up to 50.8 mm thick . It means that one person can load and move glass , with safe and stable transportation of capacities up to 275kg .
Finally , the CRL All Terrain Dolly goes where other glass dollies won ’ t , making it ideal for moving heavy glass panels around the job site . The built-In 203 mm Wood ’ s™ Power-Grip ® Vacuum Cup and set of CRL RB200 Roller Blocks make it easy to transport up to 181kg loads with ease .
www . crlaurence . co . uk
Using state-of-the-art augmented reality technology , ARCDesign is a webbased conservatory designer and visualisation tool that sees installers give control to their customers via their website , allowing their hard-earned web traffic to design , visualise and explore their dream conservatory .
With ARCDesign , potential customers can design their dream conservatory , choosing their preferred style , shape , and materials , as well as doors , windows , roof , and any other decorative extras .
Once they ’ ve finalised their design , customers have two choices – they can either submit their design to the installer to get an informed quote , or they can use the innovative augmented reality software of ARCDesign to project a virtual , explorable , life-size 3D model of their conservatory onto their home via a smartphone , allowing them to visualise and explore where it would end up in real life .
ARC COO and Co-Founder Andrew Clear comments : “ The innovative software is guaranteed to increase engagement with an installer ’ s website , while also boosting conversion rates , trust and brand reputation . It ’ s also sure to speed up the sales appointment process , eliminating tiresome paperwork and saving time , money , and energy .
“ With ARCDesign , conservatory installers can add a real wow factor to their sales visits , giving potential customers more control over their investments , increasing their conversion rates and potentially growing their business .”
www . arc-solutions . co . uk


Taking working comfort and layering systems to a whole new level .
The Snickers Workwear climate control system includes functional base layers , insulating mid layers and weather-protective outer layers .
These technically advanced working clothes allow craftsmen and craftswomen to adjust to changing weather conditions on site so they ’ re always working effectively – with maximum comfort and protection .
Take the new FlexiWork Inverted Pile jacket for example . This warm and versatile pile jacket can be used both as a jacket in cooler conditions or a mid layer when the weather is more inclement . Made of laminated polyester fabric with a furry pile lining for optimal warmth and comfort , its ergonomics also feature shaped shoulders for a great fit and optimum freedom of movement .
Hi-tech , advanced fabric technology like this is integral to all Snickers Workwear ’ s Base- , Mid- and Top-Layer garments for both men and women that always combine well with the Snickers Workwear hallmarks of best-inclass durability , comfort , ergonomics and fit .
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