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Installer Support
28 | DECEMBER 2021

Installer Support


Melissa Lloyd-Williams , Intratone
The housing industry has benefitted from an influx of technology-driven solutions over recent years . The COVID-19 pandemic , and the subsequent adoption of more digital ways of working by both Housing Associations and property managers has only accelerated this trend . Access control is one area that has seen technology really come into its own , in particular for busy multidwelling residencies . Intercoms , coded keypads and door entry devices , for example , that are tech-driven allow housing professionals to streamline their ways of working while also giving tenants an enhanced user experience .
As we rapidly approach 2022 , we take a look at what the new year has in store for access control technology – from mobile-first , to enhanced security
In the palm of your hand
Research from IHS Markit has reported that mobile-based credentials are the fastest growing access control product – in fact it predicts that more than 120 million mobile credentials will be downloaded in 2023 . And with 87 % of the UK population already owning a smartphone , it ’ s not difficult to see why access control is going wireless and mobile based – not only is it a convenient and useful solution for tenants to grant visitor entry , it ’ s also a more accessible option since it negates the need to move to an handset mounted on the wall ; perfect for those with mobility issues . Some mobile-based access control technology now allows residents to use smart phones , tablets and smartwatches as a means to entering their building too . Key fobs and wireless intercoms also . mean no more lost physical keys , and a more streamlined residence changeover administration
for housing professionals , all while also making the tenant experience more user-friendly .
Security first
Security will , as always , remain key for access control devices in 2022 . A major , and ongoing priority for housing professionals ismaking sure that their buildings are secure – preventing unwanted visitors entering , while also still allowing tenants and authorised visitors to gain access smoothly .
Whether this is through multi-factor authentication , where more than one credential is required for access authorisation , new biometric technology options such as facial recognition ( take Face ID on our smartphones
as an example of how this trend is accelerating ), fingerprint recognition , or incorporating video technology into access control systems , there are numerous opportunities for installers to bolster their portfolio with robust , security-first devices . Video-enabled wireless intercoms , for example , give residents additional reassurance of a visitors identity before they let strangers into their building – while also helping to deter crime .
Harnessing GSM
Over the past few years , more and more installers are choosing to adopt wireless , GSM-based technology to set their access control offering apart from the
competition – and this trend is set to increase further in 2022 . GSM , or the Global System for Mobile Communications , isn ’ t new in itself – it ’ s the technology behind mobile phone networks that allows users to make and receive calls , as both voice and video streams , to other devices . As a completely wireless and digital system , GSM makes plastic handsets and traditional wired intercoms obsolete , which means door entry devices have minimal cabling , for a hassle-free installation .
Implementing GSM capabilities into access control systems also enables easier property entry management for residents , as they can quickly and seamlessly grant access to visitors via their mobile phones or tablet – even if they ’ re not at home . From a housing and property manager point of view , wireless access control devices bring wider benefits , too . As the intercom is connected to a secure online remote management system , it ’ s easy for housing providers to oversee all access to their buildings without needing to visit a site . This helps streamline day-to-day administration tasks , such as making changes to key fobs , intercom numbers and tenant details .
Powerful possibilities
At Intratone , we create innovative wireless intercoms and access control solutions that benefit housing managers , property managers and installers . All our devices are GSM-based , meaning that users benefit from wireless installations and secure online management as standard , while our portfolio also includes video-enabled technology and all of the latest accessibility features . Thanks to minimal hardware and our innovative plugand-play software , they couldn ’ t be easier to install .
An optimistic outlook
With tenants increasingly expecting more digitalised , accessible access control solutions for their buildings , and property managers seeking to cut down on inefficiencies and reduce costs , new , effective , and technology-lead solutions will be highly sought after in the coming months and years .
Whether your 2022 access control portfolios will include more video or GSM wireless technology , it ’ s never been a better time to expand your product offering – and your business .
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