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DECEMBER 2021 | 27

Installer Support


Framepoint ® hits 1000 active users


In the seven year-journey since Icotherm roofs were launched , and the best part of 7000 roofs have been manufactured , Icotherm has worked hard to not just design and build the best roofs , but also to build a reputation for quality and customer service .
Along the journey , creating a brand that is recognisable , trusted and reflects what Icotherm stands for was part essential . We wanted to give the homeowner the sense of quality and reliability that they are looking for when selecting their roof . Reassurances on performance , the components used in the roof , are all essentials that they would hope to receive when presented with product options .
To achieve that we now have a range of literature that we believe reflects this . Our portfolio is small but perfectly formed , and includes a coffee table style brochure with its companion hand-out , and a range of A5 cards that promote each of the roof styles we offer . Retailers with showrooms can acquire bespoke Icotherm pull-up banners , or use our stylish foamex board showing how the ventilated roof works .
Roof samples and showroom samples are also available to all signed up customers .
Further support to those installers promoting the Icotherm name will be offered in the form of dedicated , high-quality images to be used on website or social media . To demonstrate how easy the Icotherm roof is to install , go and check out our great new video : https :// vimeo . com / 611715839 .
A site assist service is available for those installers new to our system , or alternatively we organise training days at our HQ in Blackburn .
If you wish to discuss introducing the Icotherm range of roofs to your product offering , contact info @ icotherm . co . uk
The value of work quoted by installers on Framepoint ® is on the rise too ; £ 64 million of supply and fit work was quoted via the platform in the month of October , a new monthly high . Rising average quote values are also a feature with quote values averaging £ 5300 over the last three months , compared to £ 4700 in the same period last year , says CEO Chris Brunsdon .
“ Framepoint ® subscribers have always been able get a bit more on every job because it ’ s so easy to show off foils , dual colours , dummy vents , mechanical joints , flush casements , surface mounted bars . But the ongoing rise in average quote values also points to supply chain price rises filtering through , together


The quest for an ever-better customer experience continues at Endurance Doors with the introduction of Amicus , a new automated ticketing system which improves the flow of information to and from Installer Partners .
This investment in Amicus , which is part of a wider programme of new IT infrastructure , has been implemented to help streamline the whole customer query process and the ticketing system will ensure that all communications are fully traceable and trackable . It ’ s also the same sort of platform that ’ s used by some of the most trusted and respected consumer brands in the UK .
Any customer query that ’ s raised online will be followed by the receipt of a formal acknowledgement within minutes and subsequently a member of the customer care team appointed to that ticket within Amicus . Early beta testing of this software has
shown that it speeds up communications between Endurance and their Installer Partners significantly and without the issues of staff absences and holidays
with installers taking improved margins on lengthening order books .”
Tommy Trinder report that more than 11,500 homeowners have received a quote generated by Framepoint ® in the last three months and , notably , more than half of them were provided with visualisations .
“ The makeover tool is definitely becoming a staple part of the quoting process ,” says Chris . “ 58 % of homeowners receive them , currently . When you consider the ease with which consumers are able to model other significant purchases like cars or kitchens , it feels inevitable that offering the client a visual of windows and doors will become the norm .”
www . tommytrinder . com
which can hamper the traditional operations of a customer care team . Stephen Nadin , Endurance Doors MD said : “ After much testing I ’ m delighted to introduce our latest service initiative so that our Installer Partners can access the Amicus ticketing system 24 hours a day and seven days a week . Data is now very much part of the way in which this business will evolve , yet without ignoring the human touch which helps makes this business so special .”
www . endurancedoors . co . uk