Pro Installer December 2020 - Issue 93 - Page 8

8 | DECEMBER 2020


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West Yorkshire based fabricator , Quickslide , has been awarded a Gold CMS Certification Mark from certification providers , CENSolutions . This is the sixth year that Quickslide has received the Gold level certification , a notable achievement that illustrates the company ’ s ongoing commitment to outstanding quality and manufacturing processes .
The Gold CMS Certification Mark represents the highest level of endorsement from CENSolutions , which audits Quickslide twice a year in order to assess the standard of its products and the operation of its systems and procedures .
Quickslide ’ s windows and doors are tested annually for compliance to enhanced security standard PAS 24 : 2016 as well as BS 6375 for weather performance . Its manufacturing processes are also externally verified by ER Certification , to ensure
the fabricator meets the required testing and manufacturing criteria to satisfy product standards and certification schemes . In its most recent inspection , Quickslide achieved its best appraisal to date , scoring 100 % for its aluminium windows and doors , 96 % for its PVC product range and 98 % for its insulated sealed glass units .
Quickslide ’ s managing director , Ben Weber , commented : “ In the current climate , where levels of demand are high and limitations on supply are putting a strain on working relationships , our installer
partners can be assured that we remain focused on manufacturing to the highest standards in the industry .
“ At Quickslide we are always looking at ways of enhancing our standards , processes and the end quality of our products . We appreciate that no business , including Quickslide , can achieve perfection , however we are always striving to improve our methods to consistently get as close to this as possible .
“ This proactive approach has proved to be invaluable , allowing us to identify further improvements
, highlight any quality concerns that occur and to put measures in place to prevent issues from happening – even throughout the challenging COVID period , which has presented its own set of significant challenges . The business quickly moved to three production shifts with higher staff volumes - rather than its usual single shift - despite the complexities of maintaining our quality levels with more active staff , more products being made and across 120 working hours .
“ To help support this , over the last 12 months , we have introduced
more regular and extensive quality assessments with our senior management team , all our factory team leaders , our transport manager and our customer care team . During these unprecedented times for the industry , clear communication has never been more important and by working even more effectively with our team and suppliers , we can ensure the quality of materials and the quality of our products doesn ’ t fall short of our high standards .”
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The CMA has imposed fines totalling more than £ 9m on two of the UK ’ s largest suppliers of rolled lead , for breaking competition law .
Following an investigation into suspected cartel conduct , the Competition and Markets Authority ( CMA ) found that Hertfordshire-based firms , Associated Lead Mills Ltd ( ALM ) and H . J . Enthoven Ltd ( trading as BLM British Lead ), had broken the law by entering into anticompetitive arrangements . Both firms admitted their roles in the illegal cartel earlier this year and now face fines of £ 1.5m and £ 8m
respectively . In calculating financial penalties ( fines ), the CMA takes into account a number of factors including seriousness and duration of the infringement , turnover in the relevant market , any mitigating and / or aggravating factors , deterrence and the proportionality of the penalty relative to each company ’ s individual circumstances .
Differences in fines should not be taken to indicate relative culpability .
Previously , the CMA had provisionally found that a third company , Calder Industrial Materials Ltd , had become involved at a later stage in one of the arrangements , but the CMA has now determined that there are no grounds for action in respect of this firm . The
CMA has therefore closed its investigation in relation to this company .
Rolled lead is an important product for the UK construction industry , used mainly for roofing . ALM and BLM are two of the largest players in the market . The four anticompetitive arrangements took place between October 2015 and April 2017 and included colluding on prices , sharing the rolled lead market by arranging not to target certain customers , and arranging not to supply a new business because it risked disrupting the firms ’ existing customer relationships . Each of the arrangements also included
exchanges of commercially sensitive information . Michael Grenfell , Executive Director of Enforcement at the CMA , said : “ These companies knowingly entered into illegal arrangements restricting competition between them . Such anticompetitive arrangements tend to inflate prices and cheat customers out of a fair deal . The CMA does not tolerate such behaviour . Construction is a sector firmly under our spotlight and if businesses break the law by entering into anticompetitive arrangements , they run the risk of large fines .” Parties under investigation may enter into
“ settlement ” if they are prepared to admit that they have breached competition law and are willing to agree to a streamlined administrative procedure for the remainder of the investigation . In return , the CMA imposes a reduced fine on the business where settlement would achieve clear efficiencies , resulting in the earlier adoption of any infringement decision and resource savings .
Anyone who has information about a cartel is encouraged to call the CMA cartels hotline on 020 3738 6888 or email cartelshotline @ cma . gov . uk .