Pro Installer December 2020 - Issue 93 - Page 40

40 | DECEMBER 2020



Insight Data Operations Director , Jade Greenhow , responds to shocking customer data breach scandal .
It has come to light that several big players in the credit checking industry have been reckless with their customer ’ s personal data .
A two-year investigation into how Experian , Equifax and TransUnion used personal data for marketing purposes by the Information Commissioner ’ s Office ( ICO ) revealed that they were “ trading , enriching and enhancing people ’ s personal data without their knowledge ”.
As a result of the ICO ’ s investigation , Experian , Equifax and TransUnion made improvements to their direct marketing services business .
Equifax and TransUnion made the required improvements and
withdrew several products and services . The ICO is therefore taking no further action against them .
This is shocking for many reasons . In a nutshell , millions of people were potentially targeted by commercial organisations , political parties or charities , and their personal data collected and profiled without their
knowledge as a result of these companies ’ data security behaviours .
Here at Insight Data we collect , store and sell prospect data for businesses in the construction and fenestration industry . We are incredibly aware of our responsibility to manage that data in a legal and transparent way .
At Insight Data , we work with businesses across the supply chain to provide a cost-effective and compliant solution which allows them to stay on the right side of GDPR , whilst still effectively marketing to prospective customers . That ’ s why we are trusted by so many businesses across the UK .
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Jade Greenhow , Director of Operations at Insight Data warns of financial risk if businesses aren ’ t monitoring their clients for credit risk .
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One of the UK ’ s leading home improvement companies , SEH BAC , has signed a five-year partnership agreement with Purplex , the glazing industry marketing agency .
The deal , thought to be the industry ’ s biggest ever marketing agreement , will see Purplex manage the marketing strategy for SEH BAC across all channels , from digital to PR , radio and TV . SEH BAC is the retail window and conservatory company within One Group Construction , the £ 150m turnover building and engineering group , with an HQ in Ipswich and 13 showrooms across the South East .
Discussing the new 5-year deal , Andrew said : “ SEH BAC has a heritage dating back decades and we want to build on this story with a brand that consumers trust . As the industry consolidates there will be many opportunities ahead , and the companies with the strongest brands will win . SEH BAC has a dynamic , ambitious management team who really understand the power of marketing .”
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“ Credit control and managing debt risk will be more important than ever – for both new and existing customers . Insight Data analysed the financial data of over 9,075 fabricators and installers and 1,038 companies had poor or very poor credit ratings – and that was before the coronavirus struck .
“ Six months have passed , and the industry is still changing and evolving at a rapid pace . Companies are closing their doors every day due to the crippling financial implications of a pandemic .
“ It ’ s vitally important to monitor your customer ’ s financial statuses if you want to avoid trouble . If your customers have a poor credit rating , this might suggest that they may not be able to pay for outstanding services or orders from you .
“ That ’ s why our innovative marketing and sales CRM tool has built-in features that allow our clients to monitor their customers ’ financial statuses . Our sales and marketing tool , Salestracker , provides users with a financial snapshot including credit rating , net worth and any adverse credit history ( such as County Court Judgements ). A unique ‘ traffic light ’ system flags companies as green ( low risk ), amber ( moderate ) or red ( high risk ).
“ Sales and marketing teams can filter prospects by credit rating to avoid wasting time and money , and managers can add existing customers to ‘ Credit Monitoring ’ and get alerted of any credit changes .”
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