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36 | DECEMBER 2020


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Tracker Network ( UK ) Ltd is one of the latest companies to join Secured by Design ( SBD ), the official police security initiative .
Founded in 1993 , Tracker , a wholly owned subsidiary of CalAmp , is the UK ’ s market leader in stolen vehicle recovery solutions , with over a million market-leading security and award-winning fleet management systems fitted to vehicles including passenger cars , motorcycles , leisure vehicles , HGVs , LCVs and plant and construction equipment .
Tracker has a long-established relationship with National Police Services . Tracker ’ s detection units are fitted on over 2000 Police vehicles , the National Police Air Service Helicopter fleet and at most major ports to help Police locate stolen vehicles quickly .
Clive Wain , Head of Police Liaison at Tracker said : “ We
have long been an advocate of the work undertaken by SBD . Becoming a member company formalises that support and confirms our continued commitment to delivering anti-theft solutions that meet the standards set by its accreditation scheme . We are proud to carry the SBD logo which rubber-stamps the integrity of our solutions and offers our personal and business customers even greater peace of mind that their assets are protected .”
SBD Development Officer Lyn Poole said : “ Tracker have a longstanding relationship with the Police Service and it is extremely pleasing to see that they value the benefits of becoming a Secured by Design member company , which is part of the Police Crime Prevention Initiatives portfolio . I ’ m looking forward to working with Tracker over the coming years .”
SBD is the official police security initiative that is owned by the UK Police Service with the
specific aim to reduce crime and help people live more safely .
SBD seek to improve the physical security of buildings using products , such as doors , windows , locks and walling systems that meet the SBD Police Preferred Specification security requirements .
In addition , SBD work closely with builders , developers , local authorities and registered housing associations to incorporate the police crime prevention standards into developments from initial
concept and design , through to construction and completion . Police forces throughout the UK have specially trained Designing Out Crime Officers ( DOCOs ) who offer police designing out crime and SBD advice free of charge . Over one million homes have been built to SBD standards with reductions in crime of up to 87 %.
SBD have many partner organisations , ranging from the Home Office , Ministry of Housing , Communities & Local Government through to local authorities , housing associations , developers and manufacturers and work closely with standards and certification bodies to ensure that their publicly available standards actually meet the needs of the police and public alike .
SBD is the only way for companies to obtain police recognition for security-related products in the UK .
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Motoring experts have delved into the driving duties that are most likely to slip motorists ’ minds and result in steep penalties . Tim Alcock of LeaseVan . co . uk said : “ We don ’ t want anyone , hardworking tradesmen or other motorists , to find themselves in hot water because of a genuine memory lapse . So , we urge everyone who uses the road to take a look at our most ‘ forgettable ’ fines and be sure that they ’ re on top of all of them .”
1 . Not insuring an off the road vehicle
Most people are well-aware of the legal requirement to insure a
vehicle , but may think it ’ s unnecessary if it ’ s being kept off the road . Without a SORN , however , the vehicle needs to be insured – you could otherwise get a fixed penalty of £ 100 , a court prosecution with a maximum fine of £ 1,000 , and the vehicle could be clamped , impounded or even destroyed .
2 . Renewing the photocard licence
It ’ s easy to forget something that only needs to be done every ten years , even though you should receive a reminder . But it ’ s a legal requirement and if you don ’ t , you could be fined up to £ 1,000 .
3 . Road tax
Road tax ( or Vehicle Excise Duty ) has been easier to forget since tax discs were abolished , but it ’ s as important as ever . You could be fined up to £ 1,000 for driving an untaxed vehicle , and the DVLA also clamps vehicles on the street without valid tax , and will impound them in some cases . When the DVLA clamps an untaxed vehicle , the motorist is charged a £ 100 release fee .
4 . Off-road vehicles
You must register your vehicle as Statutory Off Road Notification ( SORN ) if it isn ’ t taxed or isn ’ t insured ( even if this is only for a short time , for example , because
of a delay in policy renewal ). If you don ’ t , you ’ ll automatically be fined £ 80 for not having a SORN . And you could be prosecuted and fined up to £ 2,500 if you drive it on a public road anywhere except to or from a MOT or other testing appointment .
5 . Driving without MOT certificate
The only time you can drive without a valid MOT is on your direct way to the test centre . Don ’ t stop anywhere en route .
6 . Seatbelt offences
There are some circumstances , such as while you ’ re
reversing , when you don ’ t need to wear a seatbelt . But generally , if there ’ s one fitted to your seat then you must use it or risk a fine of up to £ 500 . The fine also applies to drivers if a child under 14 is not in the right car seat or wearing a seatbelt while you ’ re driving .
7 . Renewing a lorry licence
Lorry , minibus and bus drivers aged 45 or over need to renew their licences every five years . Drivers of these vehicles who are 65 or over need to renew them annually ( Northern Ireland has a different renewal process ).