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DECEMBER 2020 | 31



Icotherm has opted to partner with a new Approved Inspector ’ s firm , announces Anne-Marie Busch , Marketing Manager . This is not a decision that was made lightly she emphasises , but taken with customers in mind .
“ We need to work with an organisation that is prepared to go the extra step to ensure our roofs are appropriately checked when installed , and Ball & Berry Ltd can provide just that ,” explains Anne-Marie .
The aim of certifying a roof system for building control compliancy is a twofold solution :
1 . The systems house wants to ensure their roof is up to the task , whilst providing you , the installer , with a solution that will make your work easier when getting your installation building control approved .
2 . The other important role of the compliancy certification and having a roof registered is to give the homeowner the reassurance that their roof is a genuine product . Ball & Berry Ltd will do this for us ; as part of the application process they will check the original Icotherm paperwork and register the roof reference , allowing us to double check it is indeed a roof we have manufactured .
“ This protects our customers against competitors claiming to use a high specification roof like Icotherm ’ s when in fact they are not . It also protects Icotherm ’ s product and brand by ensuring only genuine products are sold under our name .”
For further information and to obtain the Ball & Berry Ltd certificates and / or application form , please contact Anne-Marie at marketing @ icotherm . co . uk
www . ballandberry . co . uk


CWG Choices , the leading trade supplier of windows and doors , is standardising on Ultion premium locks as “ Ultion is synonymous with security ”.
CWG Choices Managing Director , Chris Powell , explains : “ As the leading trade manufacturer of windows and doors in the UK one of the reasons we switched to Ultion was the brand awareness for both our consumer and trade customers . We know Ultion gives comfort and credibility to consumers , and our partnership is at the forefront of security . To date we have not had a claim .”
Brisant , the hardware house that created Ultion , Sweet , Lock
Lock , and Ultion Smart , has supplied CWG Choices for four years and will now be provided as standard following an increase in demand for their trade network . Brisant and CWG Choices are partners in a mission to provide homeowners with robust security .
Sold Secure Diamond testing is the most demanding security test there is , and Ultion insists on it . The lock attack is sustained , under no time limit and the tester is free to use any tools . The expert locksmith testing Ultion gave up after an hour . This is security that CWG Choices installers can be proud to talk about . This result led to Brisant introducing a £ 1,000 guarantee . Should a burglary take place within five years from the date of installation , and entry was achieved by snapping an Ultion lock , homeowners will be given £ 1,000 .
www . cwgchoices . com
www . ultion-lock . co . uk