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While supply issues right across the market are obviously having a serious impact on fabricators , lead times and operational efficiencies , in most cases it is installers , operating at the sharp end of the industry , who are actually bearing the brunt . In the commercial market , where there are sometimes penalties for late completion of jobs , the pressure and frustrations have been particularly intense .
The Window Company ( Contracts ) Chair David Thornton says that , while he and his team are sympathetic to the problems that fabricators face , installers need open and honest communication from their suppliers if they are to manage their businesses effectively when demand is at the record levels that it is currently .
One supplier that David singles out for praise however is Emplas , which he says was first out of the blocks when it comes to reopening and first to be up front with customers about the ongoing issues they face .
Emplas is The Window Company ( Contracts )’ chosen supplier on a large-scale social housing contract in Essex , where installation was paused during lockdown , but which restarted in June .
David explains : “ When we got notification from them that a confirmed delivery was being delayed at short notice , I actually jumped in my car and drove the two hours to Wellingborough for a meeting with Deputy MD Kush Patel so that he could explain the supply chain issues they were facing in detail and I could see the situation for myself .
“ Once there , I watched how deliveries into the factory were being monitored on an hour by hour basis , and the genuine effort that was being made to be as fair as possible with the materials
available . We talked about the implications for both our business and agreed a plan which worked for both of us . That meant we could keep our client informed and put together a revised installation programme and a new set of KPIs for our team .
“ Without that level of transparency , the commercial and reputational implications for us could have been much more serious . Kush ’ s response and the proactive approach taken by everyone at Emplas effectively reinforced to us why they are the right partner on this contract and strengthened rather than weakened our relationship with them . I came away frustrated by Covid , but not Emplas .”
He does however add : “ I ’ m still seeing social media posts from installers complaining about lack
of supply and poor communication from certain suppliers , but surely that should be a last resort . If we really are still ‘ in this together ’, I would hope that talking to your suppliers , meeting them , even visiting them as we did at Emplas , would deliver a better result .”
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FENSA is proud to announce that it will be celebrating the 2020 FENSA Installation of the Year in conjunction with the new , virtual GGP Magazine 2020 Installer of the Year awards , scheduled for 18 March , 2021 .
The 2020 FENSA Installation of the Year Award is open to all FENSA Approved Installers . Every installation this year that has received a 5-star rating from both the homeowner and local FENSA assessor , will be automatically entered into the shortlist for the main award , which will be presented as part of the virtual ceremony hosted by Glass & Glazing Products Magazine . Chris Beedel , FENSA ’ s Director of Membership , commented : “ This year has arguably been the most challenging time the industry has ever experienced . We have faced the uncertainty of lockdowns , unprecedented levels of activity from homeowners looking to improve their properties and high levels of stress as supply chains buckle under the strain .
“ But despite all this , FENSA Approved Installers across the country have met

we are delighted to be able to recognise the incredible efforts of our Approved Installers at the virtual GGP Magazine Installer Awards

these challenges head on , in many instances embracing new and innovative working practices to ensure the high levels of professionalism associated with the FENSA brand have been maintained throughout .
“ The Covid-19 pandemic has meant that all large-scale live events , including industry awards , have been cancelled or postponed this year ,” continued Chris , “ so we are delighted to be able to recognise the incredible efforts of our Approved Installers at the virtual GGP Magazine Installer Awards in March next year .”
In addition to the 2020 FENSA Installation of the Year Award , FENSA is also encouraging its Approved Installers to enter the GGP Magazine Installer Awards , which feature a total of nine categories catering for exceptional residential and commercial projects , as well as outstanding individuals , support programmes and technical innovations .
“ This year , with all the additional challenges that have been encountered through the on-going Covid crisis , the GGP Magazine 2020 Installer Awards will be a fantastic way of recognising the talent in this industry ,” concluded Chris . “ I would encourage all FENSA Approved Installers to enter , to order to demonstrate their skills and to have the opportunity to prove they are the best of the best .”
The categories are as follows :
• Best Installation – Residential – Up to £ 20k
• Best Installation – Residential – Over £ 20k
• Best Installation – Commercial
• Best Conservatory or Orangery Installation up to £ 35k
• Best Conservatory or Orangery Installation over £ 35k
• Outstanding Achievement
• Rising Star
• Best Installer Support Programme or Service Initiative
• Best Technical Innovation
For more information , further details on categories and how to enter , please visit : www . ggpinstallerawards . com