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Andy Jones , Group Managing Director of sash window specialists Victorian Sliders , outlines the extensive investments that have allowed it to make one of Europe ’ s most respected and affordably-priced sash windows .
In my experience , everyone who ’ s heard of Victorian Sliders will know at least three things about us . We ’ re based in Wales . We make PVCu sash windows – and trade customers can buy a vertical sliding window from us for just £ 199 .
In particular , that £ 199 figure has been an object of discussion for some in our industry over the years , especially since that figure has remained unchanged since 2012 .
There ’ s been a lot of speculation about how we ’ re able to offer ECOSlide at such competitive prices . Are we cutting corners at every opportunity ? Are we making next to no margin ? I ’ ve heard both suggested more than once , and both are completely false .
So if it ’ s not that , how can we manage it ? In truth , there ’ s no big secret – we ’ re able to do it because we ’ ve invested a huge amount of time , energy and resources into being able to offer a fully certified window at the very best price .
In recent years , we ’ ve invested over £ 12,000,000 into every aspect of the business including product development , machinery , expanding the factory , IT , a UK-wide transport infrastructure and much more – making our operation one of the most advanced and efficient in UK glass and glazing .
Self-sufficient sash specialists
One of Victorian Sliders ’ greatest strengths is the simple fact we ’ re specialists – we just do sash windows .
Freed from the challenges of having to juggle hundreds of different products that hold back many fabricators , we can focus all our efforts on making ECOSlide as efficiently as possible .
We ’ re also Europe ’ s biggest sash window manufacturer , and with that comes certain economies of scale – when you ’ re making upwards of 2,000 frames a week , you ’ re able to produce each one far more affordably than if you just make a few hundred .
Then there ’ s our long-standing commitment to doing as much of the work that goes into manufacturing a window ourselves .
Over the last 15 years , that ’ s seen us take control of our own extrusion – designing our own exclusive profile system , made inhouse using seven extrusion lines .
We manufacture our own glass units , spray and foil all our own profiles , bend our own arches and produce our own hardware too – we own the hardware company that exclusively makes window furniture for Victorian Sliders . We even have our own vacuum forming department which allows us to foil all our own ancillary parts .
In fact , I ’ d go as far as saying Victorian Sliders is probably the most vertically integrated , self-sufficient , independently-owned window manufacturer in the UK .
Making sash windows accessible
What does all that mean ? Fundamentally , it means we ’ re able to control virtually every aspect of our manufacturing operation from cradle to grave , maximising quality and productivity whilst minimising costs .
Today , ECOSlide is one of the leading sash windows on the market – offering convincing traditional aesthetics , robust security , and a wide range of extras including astragal bars , run-through horns , and , soon , a deep bottom rail .
All that , combined with the £ 199 price tag , has meant we ’ ve been able to help thousands of UK installers break into the extremely lucrative sash window market over the last 15 years . Despite the very challenging circumstances we ’ ve all faced over the past few months , the demand for quality sash window products hasn ’ t slowed – if anything , it ’ s increased .
So if you ’ d like to learn more about how Victorian Sliders can help you win profitable new business and why our customers voted Victorian Sliders the UK ’ s number
one supplier of vertical sliding windows , don ’ t hesitate to get in touch .
*£ 199 excludes : curved , foiled or sprayed colours and Georgian bars / Astragal bars . £ 199 maximum size 1300mm x 2400mm ( windows over this size are available at extra cost )
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