Pro Installer December 2019 - Issue 81 - Page 46

46 | DECEMBER 2019 Business Read online at HAVE YOU OUTGROWN YOUR CURRENT MARKETING AGENCY? Andrew Scott, CEO of leading full-service marketing agency Purplex, discusses whether you have outgrown your current marketing agency – and if it’s time for a change. We outgrow many things in our everyday lives and it’s the same in busi- ness and marketing. And if you’re looking to move your busi- ness to the next level then you need to ask yourself if you have outgrown your current marketing agency? Because, while they may have helped get your business to the point it’s at today, are they necessarily going to be able to help get you to where you want to go next? Don’t stunt your growth Your business is evolving constantly, but the chances are your current marketing agency hasn’t evolved with you. They may have been perfect for building a website and a small-scale advertising campaign to build your brand through the local and trade press. To take your business to the next level, however, you may need a marketing strate- gy that operates across print, digital, social and broadcast media. It could be that you now need to con- centrate on lead generation from your website, or you need a professional video to engage with a new market. Can your current agency effectively man- age the complex mix of channels, tools and content to help your business make that next step? If they can’t, then your business will stand still. Knowledge is power One of the things that I still find stag- gering is that companies will work with a marketing agency that has little or no sector experience or knowledge. It’s akin to asking your friend who has a passing interest in cars to fix your Ferrari – they might be able to change the oil, but they’ll barely get it off the driveway. Using a big London agency might pro- vide an initial ‘wow factor,’ but chances are it’s a case of style over substance and it will soon become clear that they won’t have the depth of knowledge of your in- dustry that is needed. Similarly, one-man-bands don’t work either as your entire business is dependent on the expertise of one consultant with just one skill set. Your current agency may also outsource your social media activity to one third party and your website management to another. Which might have worked okay to begin with but is now proving counter-produc- tive as one or more of them do not have the requisite industry knowledge, meaning your brand message is not consistent. To grow, you now need a full-service marketing agency that brings together all the key marketing disciplines under one roof with a team of talented people who understand your business and your prod- ucts, and who know the market and how your customers think and act. The perfect fit When we ask clients why they switch to Purplex, the main two reasons are because they feel their current marketing agen- cy has taken them as far as they can, or they’re not delivering results as they don’t understand the industry. As the leading full-service marketing agency in the fenestration and construc- tion industry, we have a team of almost 60 marketing professionals, including ex- perts in PR, design and print, web design marketing, video production and social media. Clients are able to tap into over 30 years of industry knowledge and experience of building businesses up and helping to make them sustainable thanks to brand de- velopment, marketing strategy, reputation management and lead generation. So, if you feel like you’ve outgrown your current marketing agency, now could be the right time for a change. Purplex is the leading full-service marketing agency and has been building brands and delivering serious sustainable and profitable growth for clients since 2004. Since its establishment, Purplex has grown by at least 34% every year and now boasts a large clientele of customers locat- ed throughout the UK and Europe. For more information, visit or call 01934 808132.