Pro Installer December 2019 - Issue 81 - Page 29

DECEMBER 2019 | 29 Installer Support Read online at ‘ALL THINGS MARKETING’ AT INAUGURAL NETWORK EVENT Wakefield-based manufacturer, Conservatory Outlet Ltd hosted its inaugural bespoke digital marketing and proactive lead generation event. The day saw more than 50 attendees from across Conservatory Outlet’s 25-strong network descend on Birmingham City FC to discuss all things marketing. Greg Kane, the insulation of timber, they are fixed with an alumin- ium cladding for easy maintenance and durability during the winter. Sealing solutions Sealant is often over- looked, but this simple substance adds an extra layer of protection from the outside weather. Sealant is used to secure windows and doors in place and prevents air from escaping around the frame, improv- ing the thermal insulation of your home. However, over time seal- ant can become worn and cracks can appear, allowing heat to escape. It’s impor- tant to inspect the sealant around your windows and doors for any defects and replace it when necessary. By maintaining the sealant will ensure that the cold winter air remains outside of your home and the heat stays in. Energy ratings The fenestration in- dustry has several rating systems to determine energy efficiency quality. For example, The British Fenestration Rating Coun- cil (BFRC) rates the energy efficiency performance of windows and doors on a scale from A++, meaning the window or door has a high energy performance, through to E, the lowest rating of energy efficiency quality. With a rating of A or higher, you can be assured that your windows and doors are able to keep your home warm and your energy bills down, increas- ing energy efficiency. When selling, renting or building a home, an energy performance certif- icate (EPC) is required to prove a building’s effi- ciency. Similarly, this rates energy efficiency from A for high energy efficiency, to G for low efficiency. By obtaining this certificate you can rest assured that your building is energy efficient. Furthermore, the overall thermal performance of glazing and framing is called a U-value, which measures the amount of heat that passes through a glazed unit. The lower the U-value, the more energy efficient the glazing is. Windows and doors with a low U-value retain more heat, reducing energy bills and keep your home warm. Draught proofing For optimal energy efficiency during the winter, draught proofing your home can great- ly improve its warmth. Draught proofing is one of the cheapest ways to save energy and money and can be carried out as a mini DIY project or by a professional. By covering holes, gaps or spaces in or around your windows and doors, the method eliminates cold air getting in your home and warm air from escaping. Items such as draught excluders are used to stop air evading from the bottom of door frames, whereas self-adhesive foam strips can be used to cover key holes and edges of window frames. Regardless of whether winter conditions are as se- vere as Beast of the East or mild snowfall, it’s vital to prepare your home for the colder months. By ensuring the windows and doors installed in your home are reliable, energy efficient and capable of withstand- ing winter weather, you’ll be able to increase the warmth in your home and keep your energy bills low throughout winter. company’s CEO, com- mented: “With each of our network mem- bers having their own exclusive geographi- cal area, everyone is free to openly discuss experiences and ideas for the benefit of the wider Network without any conflict of interest, which is fantastic. It’s hugely important to us to involve our customers fully in all aspects of our continuous improve- ment plans, helping to shape future strategies that best meet their needs.” Hot on the agenda was the official launch of a new marketing channel first tested at the fabricator’s sister re- tail business Clearview Home Improvements. The event also touched on both current and future market trends in the retail and home improvement sectors, the importance of em- bedding strong brand profile and additional structured workshops on paid search and creative content to pro- vide network members with a greater level of understanding as to how these channels perform. www.conservatoryoutlet.