Pro Installer December 2019 - Issue 81 - Page 25

DECEMBER 2019 | 25 Installer Support Read online at BECOME A SASHSTOP APPROVED INSTALLER Paul Batty from SASHSTOP: We believe security products are only as good as how they are installed, and as we still see on a daily basis products a lot are incorrectly fastened (i.e. wrong screws etc.) We know there are still millions of old style windows and doors that are vulnerable due to the old JUST roller cam mechanisms that need upgrading however matching like for like is nearly impossible nowadays. With SASHSTOP products we provide quick retro-fit upgrades, offering additional security and extra key locking facility to slow down any would-be intruder. So if you would like to join our ever increasing Approved SASHSTOP installers please contact us at where we offer affordable start up product bundles, right up to the full installation cases used by many of our customers on a daily basis.