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2 | DECEMBER 2019 News Read online at Story continued from the front page Story continued from the front page Fantastic air-tightness and energy efficiency Noise reduction Poor quality installations leave your customers at risk from one of the biggest and fastest-growing bugbears of modern life – noise. Blaring TVs, pounding stereos, busy roads and barking dogs can all make life a misery – and there’s mounting evidence it can have long-term impacts on health, too. Tapes like our TP653 Trio X can offer noise reduction of 50dB – that’s the difference between a rock band and a conversation. Usable in all winds and weathers All it takes is a bit of rain, and, if you’re using silicone, the instal- lation has to stop. In a country with a climate as unpredictable as ours, that’s a major problem. Rain is an inescapable part of British life – but our TP tapes can be used in almost weathers. That means no more rain stops play. Our range of installation tapes offer world-class energy efficien- cy and air-tightness – meaning they’re a perfect fit for an era when going green is more urgent than ever. The higher the rate of compression a sealant product offers, the better it is at keeping the heat in, and the elements out. Our installation tapes offer exceptional rates of compression thanks to their thicker con- struction, equalling outstanding performance. “The guide is over 100 pag- es and contains everything you need to know about all systems and products within the VEKA, Halo and Imagine brand ranges. From in-depth technical data, technical drawings, and performance results, to information about our technical support servic- es. “And, for those that prefer a ‘pick and mix’ approach, in- dividual pages can be down- loaded by product through the new site, so customers can effectively put together a bespoke reference guide for their most-used systems. “The specification guide itself is a joy to read. I’m really proud of how we’ve man- aged to fit so much valuable content into such a clear and straightforward document. And, I believe the support that complements the spec guide is second to none. Our tech- nical team are only a phone call or an email away and can assist with CAD design, as well as BIM, and wind load or energy calculations (to name just a few of our services), in order to help you specify the perfect system for your project. “The new specification guide comes following the launch of SPECTRAL; the in- novative ultramatt finish, un- veiled at this year’s FIT Show and shortlisted for ‘Product of the Year’ at the G19 Awards. This means details can be found throughout the guide of all systems that can be specified with the new finish, as well as full details of SPEC- TRAL on page 14-15. This extraordinary product can be used to elevate the look and even feel of a window or door frame. “VEKA UK systems of- fer immense yet intelligent choice. In developing the Var- iations colour range, we not only focused on getting the colour and texture of every foil just right, we also looked at how we could deliver these choices with swift lead times that work for your project. It may be a small detail - but one that means we carry the largest UK stock holding cov- ering 4000 SKUs. “The guide’s combination of line drawings, photographs of products in situ, test reports and results, alongside foil options, specification and sizing - with real life case studies - mean the reader has the information and the inspiration needed to perfect every project. “Putting together such a comprehensive guide was a challenge to say the least, but one that was well worth it; this ‘specification Bible’ is the ultimate reference guide to everything VEKA. It is both exhaustive and easy to use, and I’m looking forward to hearing what customers have to say about it.” Sign up or log in to download your copy at System 10 FlushSash Casement Window System 10 | FlushSash Casement Window Features Technical Drawing Maximum sash size Side hung: 620mm (w) x 1270mm (h) Outer frames 56mm, 72mm and 84mm outer frames Mullions 70mm or 95mm mullions Sash 61mm flush sash Give installation tape a try So, if you’re looking to take the trophy for best installation in your area, here’s what to do – talk to illbruck today about the many benefits of impregnated tape. For more information contact tremco illbruck on 01924 251400 or visit Finishes Available in a large assortment of colours and woodgrain options from the Variations range and SPECTRAL* Glazing beads 28mm bevelled 28mm sculptured 32mm bevelled 36mm bevelled Ancillaries Frame extensions, cills and weathering trims Range of coupling options Range of bay pole options Thermal performance** Achieves U-values as low as 1.3 W/m 2 K using double glazing Achieves U-values as low as 1.1 W/m 2 K using triple glazing Test Results * SPECTRAL is only available on bevelled or flat surfaces. ** Figures can vary dependent on specification. 54 Window type Max sash sizes (wxh) Air permeability Water tightness Side hung reinforced 620mm x 1270mm Class 4 Class 9A Resistance to wind Exposure category A4 1600 55 Issue 81 | December 2019 If you would like to find out more about the Pro Installer: Write to: Unit 2-3 Burleigh Court, Burleigh Street, Barnsley, S70 1XY Tel: 01226 321 450 Fax: 01226 730 825 Email: [email protected] All rights reserved. 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