pro con² issue 1 | Page 13

Pro Concious Concepts I started my visit to the Dutch Design Week, not really knowing what direction it would go. Although there was an overwhelming amount of exhibits, I chose to focus on projects and individuals who seemed inspiring, not just because of their execution, but also because of their intentions. All these concepts are connected, even though they differ from each other. Charlotte, creator of the Medusae Project reused stranded jellyfish to create a new form of material that is environmentally friendly. The creators of Fruitleather, Hugo and Koen, took unsellable food and remade it into a leather material. Both went on to use the materials in creating unique new products. They are proof that looking at one’s environment and the problems it faces will make for genuine creations who unaffectedly demand the public’s attention. Sushi fanatic Yavez tackled the global issue of plastic pollution by reinventing chopsticks. His creation, Umi Hashi, has gained him national and international recognition. I found it inspiring to see so many young artist and designers who stressed the topic of environment and pollution in their work, it seems proof of a growing awareness among young people. I found it deeply inspiring to see that young people with limited means could provide real solutions to current issues. Jerrold Eliano Saija