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- TECHNOLOGY - Generate High Yield Passive Income and Build Long-Term Wealth Applied Business Software Expanding 40% 0 66 % $ FIRST YEAR WORKOUT RATE A INVESTMENT YIElD pRINcIpAl WRITE-OFF National Note Group 2013 Record of Success Now that we have your attention, isn’t it time you partnered with National Note Group and invested in this alternative asset class, earning double-digit returns, while providing stabilization and diversification to your investment portfolio in the fast growing Mortgage Note Market. NNG DE LLC 1 is a private fund, which was launched by National Note Group in March 2013 with the sole purpose to focus on investments in second lien mortgage notes. The Fund is registered as a private placement under Sec 506 Reg D., and is incorporated in Delaware. The fund was created to provide accredited investors with the opportunity to purchase shares that represent a proportionate undivided interest in a portfolio of re-performing and non-performing second lien mortgages. Call today to get started. NNG DE LLC 1 50 Loans closed in 2013 Successful Successful Workouts 12% Workouts 22% Short Sale & Deed in Lieu & Short Sale Deed in Lieu Foreclosures Foreclosures NNG DE LLC 1 1.888.604.3353 1135 Clifton Avenue, Suite 204 Clifton, New Jersey 070 L