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want to thank everyone for taking the time to read our magazine . This is our second issue , and we are pleased to bring you some new and helpful content .
Our primary goal is to help educate both our existing and potential customers about our business and the services and products we can offer to you .
In our fall issue , we showcased some new tools we have such as our improved online design tool , free file review , instant proof , and digital flipbook .
In this issue , we want to bring you even more content to help you along in your design and creation process . We asked what your top questions were for us , and we have prepared some expanded answers about print-ready file basics , how to place a repeat order , what proof options we offer , our production timeline , and more .
We strive to always provide fast , easy , and affordable products as well as top-notch service to our customers . We are the USA ’ s # 1


Craig Barber

Rated Printer for booklets and books , and we want to share with you all the options we have available for your next booklet , catalog , book , or magazine . Whether you ’ re just getting started or you have your file ready to submit , we have some helpful tips for you each step of the way .
Not sure which paper to choose ? Or maybe you ’ re unsure about saddle stitch binding versus perfect bound ? We will walk you through all the various paper options , cover finishes , and binding types we offer and more .
Need more help ? We have a 24-Hour Help Center with expansive answers to all your printing questions . We take pride in providing real-time customer service and answers to all your questions .
You dream it , you design it , we deliver it ! We are here to help you bring your ideas to life and deliver your finished project from your desktop to your doorstep in as little as three to four business days .
After serving his country in Vietnam with the 82nd Airborne and saving the world from communism , Craig Barber finished his college education and opened an instant print shop . Struggling to make a living for 30 years , Craig had an employee show him one of the first online printing services . Craig didn ’ t get it at first , but the employee persisted until he got it through his thick skull . Recognizing he couldn ’ t afford to compete with the bigger online printshops , Craig decided to specialize in shortrun multi page books , booklets , magazines , and calendars with a focus on high quality , fast service , and low prices . After nearly going broke too many times , Craig has seen his online service become very popular and successful . Now Craig and his company are saving one customer at a time from the agony of getting an overpriced , poor quality print job too late ..
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