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File Requirements
• Adobe ( InDesign , Photoshop , Illustrator ) CC Suite or lower ( packaged )
• Microsoft Word & Excel - please specify if the files were created on a Mac or PC
• Microsoft Publisher
• Newspaper photos : 250 dpi
• Newspaper line art : 600 dpi
• Web graphics : 72 dpi
• Digital Printing : 600 / 1200 dpi
• Signage : 300 or higher dpi * Lower resolution will result in a lower quality reproduction .
FONTS Embed all fonts . We reserve the option to substitute similar fonts if necessary ( must provide hard copy with which to match fonts ). When it is essential to preserve a font appearance , please use outlines or provide material in a graphic format . Fonts are not interchangeable between Mac and PC platforms .
• Newspaper : CMYK or PMS / Spot color , produced in original layout program
• Web : RGB
• Digital printing : CMYK
• Signage : CMYK * We will make an attempt to reproduce your color . Keep in mind if you designed your artwork and used RGB colors the conversion to CMYK may not come out the same . We use a digital printing process and will achieve a close representation of the color you requested . If an exact PMS match must be achieved please talk to one of our sales reps for a quote .
• E-mail to Printing @ GreaterMNPrinting . com
• Larger files may be sent via our online transfer page :
http :// www . greatermnonline . com / servicecenter / send _ file . html
• We accept CD , DVD , Portable Flash Drives * Use file compression (. zip , . sit ) when practical .
When submitting materials , please identify your company name , contact name and number , description of what the item is intended for , and if applicable , the name of your HJ sales representative .
* Additional design charges may apply for handling files not in preferred format , or not meeting specifications .


EPS ( preferred )
Vector EPS is the preferred format for signs , printing publications , and or advertising .
Encapsulated PostScript . EPS files can be either binary or ASCII . The term EPS usually implies that the file contains a bitmapped representation of the graphics for display purposes , PostScript Files include only the PostScript commands for printing the graphic .
PDF is a preferred format for print jobs , and advertising .
Portable Document Format . PDFs are formatted documents that appear on the recipient ’ s monitor or printer as they were intended to be viewed . To view a file in PDF format , you need Adobe Reader , a free application distributed by Adobe Systems .
TIFF format is a higher quality , raster format , best for photos , and camera ready art .
Tagged Image File Format . One of the most widely supported file formats for personal computers ( both PC and Macintosh computers ).
A JPEG format is intended for previewing and or web use only .
Joint Photographic Experts Group . JPEG is a compression technique for color images . Although it can reduce Files sizes to about 50 percent of their normal size , some detail is lost in the compression . It is intended for internet use .
GIF format is for previewing and web use only .
Graphics Interchange Format , a bit‐mapped graphics file format used by The World Wide Web . GIF supports color and various resolutions . It also includes data compression , but because it is limited to 256 colors , it is more effective for images such as illustrations or logos rather than color photos .
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