PrimeTime Magazine Spring 2020 - Page 2

Thera-Ped Foot and Ankle Clinic: Moncton feet specialists can help keep you healthy Meet our staff your feet healthy can help keep you healthy overall. Therefore, if pain in your feet is keeping you from exercising or simply moving Alison Smith Canadian Certified Pedorthist and Ankle Clinic come in. Personalized plan these feet specialists partner with you to develop a personalized treatment plan the lower limbs and feet. Whether you need footwear, or specialized devices, their goal is to help you achieve and maintain proper foot and lower limb health to get you back on your Rick Prenger Canadian Certified Pedorthist feet.” Opened in 2003 The Thera-Ped team has been helping solve foot problems since 2003 when Alison Smith opened the clinic to complement the Jean Marc Gallant Canadian Certified Pedorthist next door at 55 Vaughn Harvey Boulevard, Moncton. Since then, Book an appointment To learn more about Thera-Ped’s personalized services, most of which are covered by insurance, visit If you would like an assessment of your feet, or if you have a referral 506-382-3668 to schedule Pierre Bujold Canadian Certified Pedorthist Rose Boudreau Certified Compression Sock Fitter