PrimeTime Magazine Spring 2020 - Page 17

extremely helpful in my being able to cope with this pandemic. The biggest regret during these times is not being able to visit with my 103-year-old mother. She is alive and well and I feel bad for her, being isolated from family for this long. Sure we can talk on the phone and my sister has had video chats with her a few times, but it not the same as hugging and kissing her in person. The procedures and protocols are starting to ease now, but we still have a long way to go. I wish you all peace of mind as well as good physical health as we all cautiously proceed on this journey towards what may very well be “a new norm”. I know one thing, I do not feel like living in a world where we can no longer hug. So onward to a vaccine, so that we can regain our previous lives. We all must take what we have learned from this pandemic and make the world a kinder, gentler and cleaner place. Sunrise Mary’s Point Albert County ? Route 114, Hopewell Cape Albert County/Comté d’Albert