PrimeTime Magazine Spring 2020 - Page 16

COPING WITH THIS PANDEMIC Well it seems like a lot of water has gone under the bridge, even though it has only been a little over two and a half months. This pickle that we have ourselves in on this planet has had a profound effect on humanity. I hate to use the over used word unprecedented, but it truly is unheard of, on this level, in our times. What have you been doing to cope with this sickly pandemic? I have heard of many different coping mechanisms and they can certainly vary greatly depending on circumstances. As for myself, a single 16 PrimeTime SUMMER/ÉTÉ 2020 On the MOVE Paul Gaudet individual living alone, I have taken solace in reading much more than usual. I am reading my 13th book in less than two months, mostly all fiction. Crime and mystery novels, homespun family dramas Boardwalk at the Bouctouche Dunes. Interpretive centre on the Fundy Trail Parkway. and even a book about Jesus. They have kept me up at night and provided me with many thrills and chills, not to mention a few revelations. Another way that I have been keeping sane has been to continue hiking and snowshoeing throughout this period, being outdoors has certainly allowed me to remain reasonably fit. Outdoors in the fresh air is good for the soul. I have kept working part-time throughout this period, having someplace to go and having a purpose was