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Apply online at www . eadmissions . org . uk

Why apply online ?
1 .
It ’ s quick and easy to do
2 .
You will receive instant confirmation by email that your application has been received
3 .
There is no risk that your application will get lost in the post
4 .
You can change your details and school preferences online up to the closing date
5 .
The system is secure and available 24 hours a day 7 days a week up to the closing date
6 .
You can register your mobile phone number to receive reminder alerts
7 .
You can view the outcome of your application on 17 April , no waiting for the postman
8 .
You can accept or decline the place offered online , no paperwork to send in
9 .
You can attach supporting documents to your online application
10 . It is more environmentally friendly

Need help ? Contact : 020 8825 5511 or email : mainroundadmissions @ ealing . gov . uk

Keep a note of your application reference number here Reference number :
If you have not received a reference number similar to this : 307-2023-09-E-123456 your application has not been completed .
Keep a note of your log on details here User ID :
Password :

Check list

Before you apply
Have you ?
Checked that your address is in Ealing if you are applying on paper ( online applications will automatically be submitted to your home Authority ).
Visited the schools you are interested in applying to before making your application to ensure that you are making an informed choice .
Read Ealing ’ s prospectus , individual school ’ s prospectus , & the school ’ s oversubscription criteria to ensure that you choose schools where your child has a realistic chance of being offered a place .
Spoken to staff in the Schools Admission Service or your preferred school to clarify any issues you are not sure about .
Before the closing date
Have you ?
Completed your online application and received your unique 16 digit reference number or returned your paper form to your preferred Ealing Primary School .
Provided proof of your child ’ s date of birth with your application .
Completed and returned the supplementary information forms for any voluntary aided , ( faith ) schools you have applied to .
If you are claiming Exceptional Medical / Social circumstances :
Checked that your preferred school considers exceptional circumstances as part of their admissions criteria .
Send supporting documentary evidence direct to school .
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