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Executive Board

PRIMA Editor Catherine Hayward
Interim Committee Chair Jenn Jarnagin
Past Chair Traci Dougherty
Communications Chair Kristin Webster
Information Chair Brad Savage
Program Chair Katy Reddick
Public Relations Chair Maddie Briner
Resource Coordinator Kevin Ballestrini
Contests Coordinator Cheryl Cheatham
ACL Executive Director Sherwin Little
PRIMA Writing Committee Chair Megan DeGraff
Contributors Chris Buczek , Nathalie Roy
PRIMA Editorial Committee Jennie Luongo , ACL President Sherwin Little , ACL Executive Director Jenn Jarnagin , ETC Committee Interim Chair Maddie Briner , Public Relations Chair
Excellence Through Classics ( ETC ) is a standing committee of the American Classical League , dedicated to promoting and supporting elementary and middle school classics programs .
Our Mission We inspire and educate young learners to explore and celebrate the Latin language and Greco-Roman literatures and cultures , while supporting the teaching of classics .
PHOTO CREDIT This image was created with the assistance of Adobe Firefly . The prompt for this image was , “ illustration of group of children sitting outside studying ancient rome on bright sunny day ,” using the Layered Paper style . Prompt engineered by Catherine Hayward .


About PRIMA PRIMA is published quarterly as the official magazine of Excellence Through Classics . Submissions may be sent to the Editor at prima @ etclassics . org . Submission does not guarantee publication .
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