PRIDE Annual Report 2020 - Page 23

Voting is one of the most important ways we can shape the future of the LGBTQIA + community .

Brittany Ramirez Andrews of the Trans Alliance Revolve One Takeover Episode stressed transgender individuals should have the with Board Member Jonathan right to vote regardless of gender identity . “ Having Swindle and local radio host a state-issued identification that doesn ’ t match
Joe Kelley your gender identity or presentation should not affect your right to cast a ballot ,” Andrews stated . “ No one should face barriers to voting because of bias or misunderstandings of the law about gender identity . It is voter suppression . It ’ s discrimination and it ’ s wrong .”
The GOTV effort received attention in the local media . KRIS Channel 6 news ran a story on the Trans Alliance initiative . Local talk show host Bob Jones interviewed Tom Tagliabue on October 7 on KEYS ( 1360 AM ).
As part of our GOTV campaign , MPST allocated funds to run a total of 12 digital ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram highlighting voter registration , mail-in ballot qualifications and deadlines , as well as early voting and in-person voting locations and deadlines . Additional content was produced and promoted by our partners at Revolve One Podcast and RightOn Corpus promoting the importance of voting and a full voting overview . All advertisements targeted LGBTQIA + individuals or those who exhibited LGBTQIA +