PRIDE Annual Report 2020 - Page 15

local individuals . The goal is to provide education and entertainment . Crystal Garcia of Revolve One discussed her plans . Jonathan also worked with Russell Selman of RightOn Corpus Christi for programming as well . Jonathan said some programs could focus on LGBTQIA + professionals in their fields . A special need is to identify trans individuals , especially those of color , to discuss their plight and challenges . Other topics could include a program with Equality Texas on the November election and the upcoming Legislative Session ; the Coastal Bend Clergy Council to discuss LGBTQIA + issues in the faith community ; an educational program on the meanings and pronouns associated in the LGBTQIA + spectrum . The Board discussed the future of PRIDE events in 2021 . Bill Richmond suggested focusing on a few large events instead of having many smaller events as it is difficult to be all things to all people . Randy Stubbs discussed the timing of securing performers for events in June . It would likely need to be settled in January for contracts and other logistics to be worked out .
Bill Richmond indicated several national organizations he is involved with are already canceling events in April and May ’ 21 due to COVID . He suggested we