Prerogative Fall 2020 - Page 41

Goat Yoga Historic family farm in Princeton hosts the newest trend in fitness by James Trent and Emily Rice The Jones Family Farm is home to living history, as well as goat yoga classes, and the two are intertwined perfectly through the yoga classes, or more, the experience offered. The classes are being organized by Lisa Karnes, owner of Jackass Farm, LLC, Karnes’ new business, which is named for the miniature donkey found on the Jones Family Farm. Karnes grew up on the farm since childhood, and one of the reasons for beginning the classes was to invite people to enjoy her family home. “I grew up having goats,” Karnes said. “My parents had a small herd all throughout my elementary and high school years. The family farm has tremendous sentimental value to me. It’s been my home for over 40 years. I finally decided to take the leap and open Jackass Farm because it allows me to share the farm’s natural beauty with visitors, offer quality yoga programming with the added bonus of adorable goats and our precious miniature donkey at our home, and pay tribute to my late parents, Emmett and Judy Sanders, through reminiscing about our lives on the farm.” Helen and Woody Jones purchased the Jones Family Farm on Harmon Road in Princeton in 1950 and transformed it into a working farm. However, the history of the farm dates back much further. Much of the farm’s infrastructure and scenery was Prerogative Magazine 39