Prerogative Fall 2020 - Page 31

have that.” Bluestone Interiors is not only a sprawling interior design treasure trove of unique and stylish pieces, they work with customers in their homes to make sure their designs are the best they can be. “We do interior decorating for people in their homes. Andi is the interior decorator, she has gone to school for it and everything. With us, we can come to your houses and help people that don’t know how to decorate and give them some ideas and we usually don’t even charge for that,” Barry said. “We also have rugs and lamps and pictures, just to give them some ideas on what would work and what would look good in that space and let them pick what they like.” “We will go over and look at the house, do measurements and things because a lot of people don’t see scale,” Jones said. “We do all that and suggest colors and they will come in and go through books and we have tons of fabric swatches. So take for example, that sofa, we could put hundreds of different kinds of upholstering on that. We order it with that fabric on it. We have a lot of great repeat customers that come back and tell us how many compliments they get on their furniture and they recommend us to other people.” "That is the beauty of a hometown store. We want you to be happy, we want you to tell your neighbors and everyone where you got it and that we are friendly.” - Rebecca Barry, manager Prerogative Magazine 29