Prerogative Fall 2020 - Page 29

tell your neighbors and everyone where you got it and that we are friendly. We have great furniture.” With the assistance of Andrea (Andi) Flemming, an interior designer, the trio heads south a couple times per year to visit the Atlanta, Ga. Market and another market in High Point, N.C. “I go to Atlanta so it is more of a gift market and try to find different things and not just run of the mill. The three of us usually go, Rebecca and I have a girl (Andi Flemming) who is a designer and she goes,” Jones said. “We each have our own opinions about things and it keeps things fresh and lively when you have three different opinions.” “I have always loved interior design and she (Alice) is great at it too,” Barry said. “We just try to get unique things, something that no one else has. We have three different tastes, mine, Alice’s and Andi’s so, you know, we try to get a little bit of everyone’s taste.” Jones said that just viewing the displays at the markets gives her inspiration and ideas. “We enjoy buying the little trinkets, but it is just so hard to imagine for someone who hasn’t been there how big that market actually is,” Jones said. “You could stay there three months and not see it all, so it is hard to get a mindset on what you want to buy. But, sometimes you walk by a window display and go who look at that! We try to get a little bit of everything. We try to walk around the store before we go to the market and see what we have and what we need. We try to do that and we usually don’t stick to it.” Customers may notice a few figures and trinkets keeping watch over the showrooms. These are figures Jones finds at the markets and they reflect character into the furniture with their placement. “Everybody says, ‘I bet you change out your furniture all the time,’ and I do not. I have the furniture at my house that I bought at this store before I bought the store. I have very eclectic stuff at my house. I have carousel horses, I have slot machines, barber chairs...I have nine jukeboxes in the house,” Jones said. “That one (a figure) came from Atlanta, Ga., market one year and she has a hula hoop. They had her standing at Atlanta Market in the hallway and she had a hula hoop on and I said, ‘I have to Prerogative Magazine 27