Prerogative Fall 2020 - Page 26

Bluestone Interiors Bluestone Interiors, located on Tower Street, in Bluefield, Va., offers a variety of interior design options and a hometown helping hand. by Emily Rice To take a few steps into Bluestone Interiors is to enter a unique world of innovative interior design and a welcoming staff, ready to assist with any design needs. Alice Jones, Owner of Bluestone Interiors bought the store in 1998. She spent a year renovating the space and collecting her own inventory to fill the spaces left deserted by the previous owner. “This one showroom was all that was open, there was nothing else open in the store, so I went ahead and remodeled the back rooms. There weren’t steps even to get upstairs,” Jones recalled. “We had to do a lot of buying to fill it up, we opened the second room, third room and side porch and built the steps so that customers could get upstairs. We had to totally redo the floors upstairs. We got rug racks, it was a year long process to get all of that done. We were going to markets in the meantime and had all the merchandise come in and actually get everything set up before we actually opened the doors again, it was a lot of work.” The store opened to the public in 1999. 24 Prerogative Magazine