Prerogative Fall 2020 - Page 18

Twine Pumpkins It is autumn once again! Time for cardigans, warm tea, autumn leaves and homey decor. This easy craft is a perfect way to add a little autumn spirit decor to your home this fall season! Supplies: Twine Thin craft wire Pipe insulator, foam tubing or empty spool of ribbon A pair of scissors or snips Hot glue Small twigs Directions: 1. Place your wire through an empty tube. You can use an empty ribbon roll like I did or an empty paper roll or a foam pipe insulator. 2. Using the tube as a guide, wrap your twine around the tube, keeping straight lines and neat rows. You determine how thick and how neat your pumpkin turns out at this step. 3. Once you have wrapped your twine, remove it from the roll, onto the wire and wrap the bundle tightly. 4. Depending on the size or your pumpkin and width of twine, you may want to make a few “quarter pumpkins” and hot glue them together. 5. Trim any excess wire or twine. 6. One the coils are glued together, chose a twig or stick and trim off what you want the stem to be. 7. Glue the twig in the middle of the coils and voila! You have your seasonal, decorative pumpkins. 8. For ours, we added some fake leaves and berries to give the craft even more seasonal decor. 9. You can also use different color twine, intertwined in your wrappings to add a splice of color. We recommend, red, green or orange. 10. Enjoy! 16 Prerogative Magazine