Prerogative Fall 2020 - Page 16

Autumn Leaf Whirler This simple craft can be great fun for the whole family! In just about an hour, make your own leaf whirlers and let them swing in the new season! Supplies: Paper plates Brown paint Orange, yellow and red construction paper Paint and foam brushes Scissors Glue stick Pen and pencils Single hole punch Twine outer edge. You should end up with a snail shell shape. 3. Trace and cut out paper leaves from your autumnal construction paper. You can free-draw them or use a template. 4. Add details to the leaves with pencils and pens. 5. Glue the leaves on to the plate spinner with the glue stick. Directions: 1. Paint your paper plate brown. Let dry and be sure to paint the back of the plate as well. 2. Cut paper plate in a circular motion, starting at the 6. Cut some of your string, knot one end and secure in place with a staple or tape. Or, use your single hole punch to create the hole and thread string through. 7. Hang free swinging twirler and enjoy! 14 Prerogative Magazine