Prerogative Fall 2020 - Page 13

Bluefield’s Oldest Elevator Courtesy of the Mercer County CVB West Virginia’s Little New York features one of the most intriguing elevators in the city. Exploring the city of Bluefield, West Virginia, is, in many ways, like opening a time capsule. Recognized by its century-old skyline, the southern town echoes with the appeal and vintage feel of a Little New York. Since 1932, Kammer Furniture Company has been a staple of Bluefield’s historic downtown. But just beyond the multifloored establishment’s selection of home furnishings and appliances, the building itself offers something unexpected: a chance to snap a photo in — and ride — one of the city’s oldest elevators. “When customers think Kammer’s, they think of the elevator,” said Harry Kammer, president of Kammer Furniture Company and grandson of the establishment’s founder. “It’s a unique characteristic of the business and shopping experience.” When Kammer Furniture Company opened in November 1932, the store was situated on the lowest floor of a building that also hosted a dental lab and several apartments. Eventually business grew – as did the establishment’s need for space. Prerogative Magazine 11