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budge. Then, a woman’s invisible hands started to stroke his hair. That did it. Alarmed, he gave the door an extra jerk and was able to escape. “All of these things were pretty strange and unexplainable,” Smith says, who doesn’t know what to think about ghosts. She has since moved on from restaurant ownership. But if you’ve eaten in Princeton, there’s a chance you’ve dined in Smith’s haunted house. The dark shadow— Princeton As director of the Princeton Railroad Museum, Pat Smith also oversees multiple exhibits, artwork and artifacts. It’s also possible she manages a ghost. Not too long ago, a paranormal investigative group got permission to explore the building. Skeptical but willing to keep an open mind, Smith accompanied them to the attic. They simultaneously glimpsed a shadow creeping away from them. Nothing seemed to create it. Intrigued, everybody followed the shape. Smith then had an intense feeling of evil. “I’ve never experienced anything like it before or since,” she emphasizes. “I felt the hair rise on my neck and arms.” Overriding all protests, the director insisted that everybody leave the attic. She then called her daughter despite the late hour. “I was that scared,” Smith stresses. Fortunately, the places where guests can visit are bright and cheerful. The Princeton Railroad Museum is known for its cute caboose, which you can explore. There’s also a fun gift shop. If a ghost really haunts the place, don’t worry— it’s stuck in the attic. Concord University— Athens West Virginia boasts lots of colleges— more than 40, in fact. Of these, Concord University ranks towards the top. Its long history and modern programs are distinct advantages. In fact, Athens’ star institution dates to 1872. After a fire ravaged the school in 1910, though, the campus moved to its current location in 1912. The original building still exists today. Its prize feature is the 20-ton carillon, a musical instrument with tuned bells. Today, the 123-acre campus has a strong reputation for its undergraduate programs. But that’s not the only thing Concord is known for – it’s also rumored to be haunted. Most experiences seem to happen at the Laura A. Sarvay residence hall. It’s one of the older buildings on campus, which could explain some of the odd encounters. Many students (in online comments) have heard doors opening and shutting. Others have seen toilets flushing by themselves. In terms of apparitions, it seems that a female ghost rules Sarvay. Various residents have seen her in their rooms. She often appears at night, wearing an oldfashioned dress. At other times, items inexplicably move. Who can say for sure what’s really happening? Whether or not you believe in ghosts, mysteries like these definitely make life interesting! Have you ever encountered a ghost in Princeton or Athens? Share your story! The Princeton Railroad Museum is currently closed due to the pandemic. 10 Prerogative Magazine