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Gimmeahand Inc Nail Systems featuring Lachelle Bender
Fortify Odorless and Fortify No Primer Technology
SUNDAY 2:00 - 3:00p • D182
For years nail technicians have been taught the steps to secure nail enhancement products to the nail has been to properly prep the surface , dehydrate , and prime . Although that still holds true with the Fortify No Prime formula , primer is not necessary for strong acrylic nails that adhere to a nail surface . Let us show you how . With Ohio requiring odorless monomer for manicure examination and more salon environments requiring an odor-free product system , we will discuss the benefits and demonstrate how to make an odorless system work for you in the salon .
From Booth Rent to Ownership
MONDAY 12:00 - 1:00p • D182
The course will discuss the journey of building business from booth rent to ownership through education and business development . The process of raising capital for your small business can be frustrating but key resources are available and we will discuss how to navigate your career as a licensed manicurist through education .
Lachelle is Founder , Director of Education Lead instructor for manicuring program at Ohio ’ s First Nails Only Beauty School GIMMEAHAND ACADEMY , founded in 2005 . She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with minor in Organizational Leadership from Purdue University North Central , Westville , Indiana .
Oshi featuring D . Smith
Acrylic Anonymous
SUNDAY 2:00 - 3:00p • D183
Have you been a nail technician for three years or more and not making $ 1,000 per week ? Are you discouraged , inconsistent , or lack product knowledge ? Join D . Smith as she teaches you how to increase your revenue with the Oshi Acrylic Nail System .
D . Smith helps nails techs make money , market , and master their skills . Drawing from her garnered expertise , salon experience and abilities , she is the ideal educator for nail professionals who are ready to build a solid foundation to expand their business .


Featuring Tahra Clarke
Building Your Ticket with Nail Art
MONDAY 2:00 - 3:00p • D183
Join Tahra as she shows you how to take your nail art skills to the next level and increase your income by learning to create hand painted abstract nail art designs to build your ticket .
As the owner of Artistry ATL Salon Studio in Atlanta , Georgia , Tahra Clarke is a licensed Nail Technician and Nail Artist specializing in natural nails and abstract nail art .