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MAINSTAGE LOCATION: EXHIBIT HALL Presented by SalonCentric PERSONALITIES OF GROWTH Whether you have been a hairdresser for two years or two decades, the key to a lasting clientele and good team dynamics is human connection. Join Tabatha Coffey on Main Stage to learn about managing the many different personalities we deal with daily. Tabatha Coffey has devoted her professional life to achieving excellence as a successful business woman, company owner, hair designer and educator. Drawing on her years of hands-on experience, Tabatha now travels the country as she helps struggling business owners turn around their lives and businesses. With her signature edgy style, tough love approach and exceptional skills as an artist and as a business person, Tabatha is without question the golden girl of small businesses. Tabatha Coffey SUNDAY 1:40 - 2:30p MONDAY 11:40a - 12:30p SECRETS OF A LADY BOSS Being a successful hairdresser isn’t just about beautiful highlights and chic haircuts! In this segment, Candy Shaw shifts the focus from balayage to business. The Balay Lama discusses the steps she’s taken to become a Lady Boss through the lens of four of her talented Sunlights Artisan Team Members. Learn how they’ve built their businesses and empowered themselves to grow as both educators and people to become Lady Bosses! Of course we will paint a little hair too, but the mission here is to help women (and men) feel confident to becoming the best version of themselves using the power of the paint brush. Are you ready to find out what it takes to become a Lady Boss and start your own journey to personal AND financial freedom? Candy Shaw SUNDAY 11:40a - 12:30p DON’T RUN WITH SCISSORS Stay Sharp Nation Team This class will fulfill the 2 hour Safety and Sanitation CE requirement for all license types. Salons are the home of community and creativity. On a daily basis, our careers are filled with making people feel great about themselves and sharing life experiences. Every now and then, we are faced with challenging situations such as issues of safety. In our class, “Don’t Run with Scissors”, professionals will learn what to do in emergency situations such as a guest having a health problem, what do to in case of an intruder, how to deal with children in a salon setting and more. Join us for a class about dynamics that are often forgotten about in our salons. Attendees will leave the class knowing how to navigate an emergency or a safety situation and how to properly document incidents in the salon. SUNDAY 9:30 - 11:30a MONDAY 9:30 - 11:30a 4