Premiere Birmingham Show Preview 2019 - Page 9

Classes are FREE with your show pass! Shark Fin Shear Company Shear Education & Cutting Techniques Willy Hyde East Room A SUNDAY 1:45 - 2:45p MONDAY 10:00 - 11:00a Larisa Love is a thriving Hairstylist and Salon Owner in LA who is a major digital influencer. Her free spirit prompts her to travel the world as a Brand Ambassador, teaching and sharing her story. Her drive is to encourage fellow stylists to follow their passion and constantly seek fresh inspiration. She will share her insight into how to market yourself and your brand. Larisa will discuss pre-scheduling platforms, instagram, Insta stories, editing videos for social media and must-have aps. You will learn more than you ever anticipated from any social media class! Presented by Life of Riley Salon Supply Pure Brazilian Smooth, Healthy, Gorgeous Hair SUNDAY 9:00a - 6:00p MONDAY 9:00a - 4:00p Exhibit Floor Thousands of stylists use Pure Brazilian everyday due to its lovely scent, ease of application, same day washout and gorgeous results. The consistency of Pure Brazilian’s results is what keeps clients coming back time after time. We are here to give stylists amazing products and to give their clients beautiful hair. Farouk Systems Exhibit Floor Macadamia Professional Hair Repair with a Cruelty-free Conscience SUNDAY 9:00a - 6:00p MONDAY 9:00a - 4:00p Exhibit Floor Macadamia Professional ® is a complete line of naturally derived, 100% Vegan formulas for repairing damaged hair. For over a decade, we have provided salons with innovative hair repair products that inspire confident beauty in women. Our products help solve top hair concerns – be it preventing future breakage, eliminating frizz or replenishing hair’s strength and integrity. We offer oil-infused care and treatment collections for different hair textures so you can achieve naturally beautiful hair in no time. Macadamia Professional ® products reduce breakage by up to 82%. Our formulations target the four causes of hair damage (mechanical, thermal, environmental and chemical), and are guaranteed to deliver results you will notice and love from the very first use. We believe that healthy hair comes from what you put on it as well as what you leave off it. All Macadamia Professional ® products are color-safe, gluten-free, naturally derived and 100% Vegan. And, as a pledge to our furry friends, we never test on animals. Presented by Life of Riley Salon Supply Saints & Sinners Sinfully Smooth Fundamentals of CHI SUNDAY 9:00a - 6:00p Rocky Vitelli Bradley Tuggle MONDAY 9:00a - 4:00p Presented by Life of Riley Salon Supply East Ballroom A Social Savvy - Look & Learn SUNDAY 4:30 - 6:00p Price: $30 - Register @ This class will give any stylist or barber the knowledge to confidently purchase shears. Shark Fin will give you the education you deserve so you understand what makes a shear worth what you are spending, along with cutting tips, techniques and looks that you can take back to the salon barbershop today. Larisa Love North Room A Discover our mix-and-match fashion styles by thinking outside of the box. We’ll explore our color mix influenced by multiple identities and trends in our fast-paced society. Hair is your canvas, let us inspire you! Bonika Shears Shear Insanity Easy Dry Cutting System Yancey Edwards Bonnie Megowan East Room C SUNDAY 10:00 - 11:00a MONDAY 10:00 - 11:00a Cutting is insanely easy when you learn the tools and techniques to cut any texture hair, or even commercial hair! Set your creativity free. Be inspired by Yancey who rose from New Jersey urban obscurity to become one of the most loved stylists in NYC. Emmy nominated, Yancey built his reputation on his unique free style of cutting. Learn how to have crazy passion for cutting. In addition, you’ll pick up new DIY tricks on shear care from award-winning shear expert Bonnie Megowan. Infuse your dry cutting style with freshness and joy. This is not your typical hair cutting class. Hair Sculpting SUNDAY 4:15 - 5:15p Ashly Alvarez Nicki Bianco SUNDAY 12:30 - 1:30p MONDAY 12:30 - 1:30p Join Saints & Sinners Sinnergist’s Nicki Bianco and Ashly Alvarez as you discover how to easily and quickly achieve the Ultimate Blowout where Saints & Sinners products do all the work! Get your hands in side by side comparisons with other leading brands and see for yourself! All participants leave with a full-size Illuminati Divine Shine Holographic Serum just for attending! Discover Saints & Sinners, Luxury Performance, No Bad Stuff! Stay Connected Learn how to enhance and control texture to see your haircut “come to life.” By cutting dry, you will be working with the natural fall of the hair. Excess hair is carved and sculpted Jerimiah Sammons Bonnie Megowan away utilizing unique cutting techniques to create the final look. Discover how wet hair is like a bad boyfriend: It lies to you right away… disguising its texture, even hiding cowlicks and growth patterns that will pop up to wreak havoc once hair is dry. In addition, learn the secret about dry cutting shears and other DIY tips from author and award winning shear expert Bonnie Megowan. #PremiereBirmingham 9