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Workshops Sunlights ® Balayage East Ballroom A Évalash Beauty East Room M Painting Balayage 2.0 Candy Shaw MONDAY 9:00a - 12:00p Price: $229 Create Mega Volume 2D-6D Lashes Quyen Nguyen MONDAY 1:00 - 4:00p Price: $299 On or Before Oct 19 | $320 Day of Show Candy Shaw is back in 2019 with fresh balayage tips, tricks, tools, and techniques! This intensive hands-on workshop is geared towards that painter looking to refine and expand their balayage skills. Whether you’ve taken a class with us before or simply just wanting to take a walk on the Sunny side, this course will help you learn the fundamental aspects of proper consistency, brush stroke and saturation, leaving you confident to convert all of your foil clients over to balayage! The paintbrush will help you Reawaken Hair’s Natural Brilliance, and this course will certainly show you how. Techniques covered: Color Melting, Bowlayage ™ , Skimming, Backfold, Pancake, Foil Conversion, Minking ™ , Riding the Ridge, and so much more! Skill Level: Any Come learn how to perform individual volume lash using 2D-6D lashes. In this hands-on workshop, Quyen will teach you: how to customize different looks to the eye shapes, how to speed up volume lash services to 1.5 hours, by using the dimension layering technique, how to make mega-volume fans using her signature technique, how to incorporate pre-made volume fans and trouble shooting and the the advantages of volume lash. It’s time to take yourself to the next level and if you’re a beginner, don’t worry the online video training that is included with your registration will help you feel even more confident to start booking your appointments on Tuesday! For technical questions, email [email protected] or call 301-937-0238. Your Investment Includes: • Diploma • Mannequin (yours to keep!) • Education handout • Sunlights ‘swag bag’ • Entry for a FREE ‘Shadow Day’ with Candy Shaw What You Need to Bring: • Clips, Tail Comb, Color Apron and a learning attitude! Skill Level: Introductory (0-1 of yr of experience) - Intermediate (1-3 years of experience) Your Investment Includes: • Certificate of Completion • Mannequin • Ultrabond Adhesive • Mink Lash Mix Tray • 2 Volume Tweezers • Practice Lash & Glue Ring • Online Video Course What You Need to Bring: • Pen & Paper or iPad/Tablet to take notes • Magnifying glass or glasses - if needed French Cutting! w/ Candy Shaw MONDAY 1:00 - 4:00p Price: $249 Ever wanted to do a haircut in 7 minutes? Well come Learn the French Way, the Right Way in this intro to French Cutting Course! Candy Shaw has been teaching her ‘Americanized’ version of this revolutionary cutting system since the early 90s in her Atlanta based Advanced Academy. In her system, you will learn to stand the client up to cut your basic outline, build layering from the top of the head down, and cut everything on top of the finger for efficient cutting. French Cutting is much faster than the traditional British technique, and creates soft, feminine shapes and commercial looks. Your guests will see and feel the difference! Techniques covered: Méche a Méche, Exterior, Reverse Exterior, Interior, Diving, Dry Texturizing, and so much more! Skill Level: Any Your Investment Includes: • Diploma • Mannequin (yours to keep!) • Education handout • Jamison Shaw Academy ‘swag bag’ • Entry for a FREE ‘Shadow Day’ with Candy Shaw Like The River The Salon Short Hair Boot Camp Najah Aziz SUNDAY 9:00a - 12:00p Price: $215 On or before Oct 19 l $250 Day of Show Master stylist Najah Aziz will share her signature cutting and styling techniques, including proper product usage for short styles. Short hair provides unique challenges; Najah has mastered the art of creating beautiful short hairstyles. This hands-on training session is designed for the hair professional committed to executing precision cuts and cutting-edge styles. For technical questions, email [email protected] or call 470-499-1296. What You Need to Bring: • Straight Cutting Shear & Comb Your Investment includes: • Certificate of Completion • Mannequin • Tripods *Each student registered for class will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a FREE ‘Shadow Day’ with Candy Shaw in her 50 chair salon in Atlanta, GA. Details for the drawing will be discussed in the class. • Shears • Combs • Flat Curling Iron • Water Bottle • Towel • Styling Foam ClockPoint Hair Men's Haircutting Workshop Jay Caldwell East Room M What You Need to Bring: Stefani Carol Makeup Academy HD Bridal Makeup SUNDAY 2:00 - 5:00p East Room M Stefani Carol East Room M MONDAY 9:00a - 12:00p Price: $199 On or Before Oct 19 | $249 Day of Show @Clockpoint_hair Price: $225 On or Before Oct 19 | $275 Day of Show Ideal for any artist looking to enhance their skills for bridal makeup and makeup for camera settings. Students will learn how to create a luxurious experience for their clients as well as, product STYLIST, BARBERS, & STUDENTS... Learn ANY HAIRCUTTING TECHNIQUE IN 3 STEPS! knowledge, color correcting, shadows and light, long-lasting applications, and flash friendly finishes. NO MATTER RESTRICTIONS. Learn to accurately read angles... the latest fading and blending Stefani will share her secrets to wedding success including her infamous techniques for waterproof techniques... shear over comb and the use of guards, blades, and adjustable clippers. and sweat resistant applications. Leave the workshop with a solid understanding of men’s fading and blending. This workshop class For technical questions, email [email protected] will elevate you to an efficient and precise skill set. You will never take another class like this one. Come in Learn More & Earn More! Skill Level: Any Your Investment Includes: • Mannequin Head • ClockPoint Class Handbook What You Need to Bring: • Shears • Clippers • Cutting Comb • Blades • Guards • Hair Clips • Spray Bottle 24 Your Investment Includes: • Certificate of Completion • Disposable Applicator & Sanitizer • RCMA No Color Powder • Brush Essential Set • Mixing Tray and Spatula • Face Chart, Kit List, Literature What You Need to Bring: • Makeup Kit • Live Model - Model must be at least 16 years of age, photo ID required (if attendee is unable to bring a model, you may use the face chart provided) To register visit or call 800-335-7469