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Quick & Easy Ways to Register
ONLINE premierebirminghamshow . biz ( Available until 5:00p EST on Saturday , October 20 )
800-335-7469 or 407-265-3131 Mon - Fri 9:00a – 5:00p EST ( Available until 5:00p EST on Saturday , October 20 )
Visit a local authorized show pass outlet ( Available until Friday , October 19 )
SalonCentric For Store Locations Call 800-282-2843 Dial 2 for customer service
Affinity Beauty Concepts Miami , FL 800-528-8244
Register by September 8 & SAVE $ 15 Off Day of Show Price
On or Before Sept 9 - Day of Show Show Pass Sept 8 Oct 20 Oct 21 - 22
Professional 2-Day $ 50 $ 55 $ 65
Student 2-Day $ 40 $ 40 $ 50 Beauty Industry Professionals & Students Only
Life of Riley Salon Supply Largo , FL 855-745-3950 Dial 1 for customer service
State Beauty Supply Stores Southaven , MS 662-342-6345 Tupelo , MS 662-841-2163
Attendance Policy Premiere Birmingham is only open to licensed professionals and students in the professional beauty industry .
The following is a list of acceptable credentials :
• Salon or spa business license denoting salon ownership
• Cosmetology , Barber , Nail Technician , Esthetician , Massage Therapist License
• Active class schedule or active unofficial transcript
• Student enrollment verification form or progress report
• Professional Makeup Artist Certification or business license denoting ownership
For a full list of accepted credentials , visit premierebirminghamshow . biz . Non-licensed show pass holders or those unable to provide acceptable identification will not be admitted .
All Sales are Final No refunds will be issued . If your physical show pass is lost , forgotten or stolen , you will be required to purchase another show pass to gain entrance into the show . Please note : Show E-Passes CAN be reprinted at premierebirminghamshow . biz by logging into your account with the email address used to purchase the original show pass .
Continuing Education Attendees that are licensed in the below states receive continuing education hours . To find out if your state has approved continuing education hours , please contact your local board of cosmetology . For a list of state boards , visit premierebirminghamshow . biz .
Georgia Attendees - Receive 2 credit hours towards your license . Come to the Registration Area to pick up your certificate .
Mississippi Attendees - Premiere Birmingham is CEU approved for Mississippi attendees . State Board representatives will be on site to sign you in near Registration . Visit premierebirminghamshow . biz to learn how many CEU hours are approved .
Photos / Videos No photography or videotaping of Premiere Birmingham exhibits or education is allowed without permission from Show Management . By purchasing a show pass and / or entering Premiere Birmingham ’ s exhibit hall , classrooms or open lobbies , attendees grant Premiere Show Group and those exhibiting at Premiere Birmingham the consent to use images or likeness in still , audio and moving recordings that have been approved by show organizers .
All Rights Reserved Opinions stated at the show are those of the presenters and not necessarily those of Premiere Show Group . Show Management reserves the right to change or cancel any portion of the program without prior notice , and cannot be held responsible for exhibitors that may drop out of the event .

Registration Information

Attendance Policy Premiere Birmingham is only open to licensed professionals and students in the professional beauty industry. ONLINE (Available until 5:00p EST on Saturday, October 20) CALL 800-335-7469 or 407-265-3131 Mon - Fri 9:00a – 5:00p EST (Avail &RVFSU5B6GW&F7F&W"#U%4f6B6WF&VB6r72WFWBf&RVFg&F7F&W"66VG&0f"7F&R6F06#"#C0F"f"7W7FW"6W'f6RƖfRb&W67Wǐ&vdSRsCR3SFf"7W7FW"6W'f6PffG&VWG66WG0֖֒dS#Ӄ#CB7FFR&VWG7Wǒ7F&W06WFfV0cc"3C"c3CPGWV0cc"ӃC#c06W2&Rf&VgVG2v&R77VVBbW"666r7227Bf&vGFV"7FVRv&R&WV&VBFW&66RFW"6r72FvVG&6RFFR6rV6RFS6rR76W24&R&W&FVBB&V֖W&V&&֖v6r&'vvrFW 66VBvFFRVFG&W72W6VBFW&66RFR&v6r72vV&vGFVFVW2&V6VfR"7&VFBW'2Fv&G2W"Ɩ6V6R6RFFP&Vv7G&F&VF6WW"6W'Ff6FR֗7676GFVFVW2&V֖W&R&&֖v24UR&fVBf ֗7676GFVFVW27FFR&&B&W&W6VFFfW2v&R6FRF6v৖RV"&Vv7G&Ff6B&V֖W&V&&֖v6r&FV&p4URW'2&R&fVB"&Vf&P6WB6WB7B#Fb6p7B## &fW76"FCSCSPCcP7GVFVB"FCCCCCS&VWGGW7G'&fW762b7GVFVG2ǐf"gVƗ7Bb66WFVB7&VFVF2f6B&V֖W&V&&֖v6r&Ɩ6V6VB6r72FW'2"F6RV&RF&fFR66WF&RFVFf6FvB&RF֗GFVB6FVrVGV6FGFVFVW2FB&RƖ6V6VBFR&Vr7FFW2&V6VfR6FVrVGV6FW'2Ff@WBbW"7FFR2&fVB6FVrVGV6FW'2V6R6F7BW"6&[email protected]b66WFwf"Ɨ7Bb7FFR&&G2f6B&V֖W&V&&֖v6r&&Vv7FW"'6WFV&W"b4dRCPfbFb6r&6P6r70FRfvr2Ɨ7Bb66WF&R7&VFVF3( 6"7'W6W72Ɩ6V6RFVFr6vW'6( 66WFw&&&W"FV66W7FWF676vRFW&7BƖ6V6P( 7FfR67266VGVR"7FfRVff6G&67&@( 7GVFVBV&VBfW&f6Ff&"&w&W72&W'@( &fW76WW'F7B6W'Ff6F"'W6W72Ɩ6V6RFVFrvW'6F2fFV0Fw&"fFVFrb&V֖W&R&&֖vW&G2"VGV6F2[email protected]vFWBW&֗76g&6rvVVB'W&66r6r72B"VFW&p&V֖W&R&&֖v( 2W&B677&2"V&&W2GFVFVW2w&B&V֖W&P6rw&WBF6RW&FrB&V֖W&R&&֖vFR66VBFW6RvW2 ƖVW727FVFBfr&V6&Fw2FBfR&VV&fVB'6r&v旦W'2&vG2&W6W'[email protected]27FFVBBFR6r&RF6RbFR&W6VFW'2BBV6W76&ǒF6R`&V֖W&R6rw&W6rvVVB&W6W'fW2FR&vBF6vR"66V琧'FbFR&w&vFWB&"F6RB6B&RVB&W76&Rf"W&F'0FBG&WBbFRWfVBV6bV7v2F&Vv7FW 3