Premiere Birmingham Show Preview 2018 - Page 20

Ashtae Products The Edge Beauty featuring Sew Skyy featuring Andrea Cheese The Matrimony Between Cut & Color Silkiest Silk Press Sun 9:30 - 10:30a North Room H How do you create a silky look on natural hair without relaxer, keratin, or a smoothing system? We show you step-by-step how to create the silkiest silk press you’ve ever achieved that will actually last for your client. Learn proper hydration techniques and how to maintain natural or transitional hair textures. Braid Me Down Right Mon 11:00a - 12:15p North Room H Is your braid down always 100% flat every time? Learn how to get a perfect braid down for a weave installation. Use different techniques and designs to get a variety of outcomes and looks. No matter how thick or thin the hair may be, you can braid it down right! DCI Academy featuring Destiny Cox Secrets of a Colorist: Weaves, Wigs and Extensions Sun 9:30 - 10:30a North Room I In this class, you will learn which products to use, plus when to use color techniques such as surface painting, color melting and foil placement. Team DCI will explain how to create beautiful and natural looking colors on extensions from day to night. 20 North Room I Learn which products to use for specific texture types and curls, plus when to use color techniques such as balayage, color melting and foil placement. Destiny will explain how to create beautiful waves, coils, kinks and twists. Join the color and curls movement! The Hair Diagram Have you ever done a particular haircut and felt like the style was incomplete? Yet, even after analyzing it over and over again, you still can’t figure it out? Let me tell you - it is the color that’s missing. Unifying color to just a razor cut creates a variety of different looks. Join Andrea Cheese and The Edge Beauty team as we show you how to marry cut and color together. You will create a conversation piece. We will cover various cut and color techniques, when you should determine what cut technique to use and how color is a great ticket builder. #TakeItToTheEdge Beyond the Stylist Chair Mon 2:30 - 3:45p North Room H You’ve been styling for years... now what? As stylists, we are visual and creative artists; images play a major role in our everyday lives and profession. For example, take a look around the Premiere Beauty Show and see the power of images. Some of us believe that we have to be a big brand in order to have great images, but that’s not the case. Every stylist’s uniqueness can be displayed through professional photos. Come join Andrea Cheese and The Edge Beauty team as we show you how to navigate your way through a successful hair shoot that will reveal your magical skills and specialties. We will share with you the importance of professional images, how to build a timeless portfolio, the steps to a successful photo shoot, how to select your models and how to form your very own glam squad. With a strong portfolio your opportunities are LIMITLESS! #TakeItToTheEdge Patric Bradley/ P Element Products Conquer Color/High Lift Blondes Sun 12:45 - 2:00p & Mon 11:00a - 12:15p North Room I Join the #GOAT himself, Patric Bradley, as he opens your minds to conquer color and high-lift blondes. Color catastrophes happen to all of us and virtually every colorist experiences unexpected disasters. This class will inspire and arm you with the tools you need to become an expert at problem solving no matter what the challenge. Coloring isn’t hard, we make it hard. You will talk about this class for years! Cutting the Patric Bradley Way featuring Tamika Gibson Sun 4:00 - 5:15p Bold Hold Lace Wig Application Sun 12:45 - 2:00p North Room H featuring Patric Bradley Secrets of a Colorists: Coils, Kinks and Curls Mon 12:45 - 2:00p Sun 4:00 - 5:15p North Room H Tamika Gibson will educate guests on how to properly secure your lace unit (wig) using Bold Hold Lace Wig Products. Tamika embraces her skills for proper unit application by giving a detailed demonstration on how one can properly apply their lace unit. Stay Connected North Room I Join world renowned hairstylist Patric Bradley as he demonstrates shear techniques that are focused on short and long hair trends. This class will help you execute today’s hottest pixie haircuts and bouncy long haircuts. Let’s not guess at cutting, let’s master this art! Techniques featured will include surface cutting, flying razor, twist layers and converged layers, no thumb, stroking and reverse point cutting. #PremiereBirmingham