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Nail World North American School of Podology Presented by Life of Riley Salon Supply Centre For Beauty featuring CJ Murray featuring Brenda Ribble Urea Foot Care – Changing Lives Sun & Mon 2:30 - 3:45p Pedicures… Who’s at Risk and Best Practices Sun 9:30 - 10:30a East Room E With the increasing number of diabetics, seniors and immuno-compromised clients demanding foot care services today, pedicures are becoming a risky business. This type of clientele is particularly vulnerable to abrasions and infections which in turn can lead to serious conditions including amputation. This in-depth seminar outlines precautions, best practices to use during pedicure services and what products to use to perform a safe pedicure. This seminar will include in-depth knowledge of pedicure implements, bits and electric files. Take your pedicures to the next level by learning how to do an in-depth consultation and evaluation and provide a safe service according to your client’s needs. Boost Your Pedicure Business with New À La Carte Services and Techniques Mon 9:30 - 10:30a East Room E Take your pedicure business to the next level and exponentially increase your revenue with the addition of new “à la carte” services and time-saving techniques to your current offerings! This intensive seminar will include toenail bracing, toenail reconstruction and the latest technology in electric files together with specialty pedicure bits to elevate and perfect your pedicure services. Learn how to set your pedicure business apart from others through the use of implements and bits, at the same time increasing your revenue and streamlining your services. LáShaun Brown-Glenn East Room E Charge What You’re Worth, Be Worth... East Room E There’s a method to being a leader and pricing the experience that you provide. LáShaun gives insight on identifying your clientèle, creating your culture and building your business. In this class, you’ll ask yourself the critical questions necessary to meet the standards and demands you desire. You’ll leave inspired; ready to take action with a roadmap to reach your desired results. LáShaun will give you the tools to move forward confidently. 46 At-Risk Foot Care Sun 11:00a - 12:00p East Room E Salon safety expert, Nancy King, takes the confusion out of at-risk pedicures and shares facts about unhealthy conditions and elderly foot care issues within your licensing laws. Reduce risk to your clients, market services to increase business and build credibility as a nail professional. Protect yourself – from fines, from client lawsuits and from prosecution for unlicensed medical practice! Nancy explains proper cleaning and disinfecting for pedicures, the