Premiere Anaheim Day of Show 2023 | Page 63

Painting Balayage w . Candy Shaw
SUNLIGHTS ® featuring Candy Shaw (@ thebalaylama ) MONDAY 12:30 - 3:30p l ROOM 303B l Day of Show $ 249 Ready to take your balayage skills to the next level and start painting faster , brighter , and better ? Candy Shaw has created a customized curriculum to help you become more profitable at the chair while creating sought after looks for your guests . Struggling with lift ? Placement ? Spottiness ? Have all your burning balayage questions answered and implement her teachings after just one class ! Balayage shouldn ’ t be frustrating or confusing . Let the Balay Lama™ take you step-by-step on how to become a master of your brushstroke ! Techniques covered : Money Piece™ , Skimming , Minking™ , Color Melting , Crochet , Brosse , and so much more !
Your Investment Includes :
■ Use of a mannequin • SUNLIGHTS ® swag bag • Education handout & diploma
What You Need to Bring :
■ Color Apron • A learning attitude
Short Hair Boot Camp
Beauty Beyond the Hair featuring Najah Aziz
(@ najahliketheriversalon ) MONDAY 1:00 - 4:00p l ROOM 303D l Day of Show $ 250 The Short Hair Boot Camp is a one-day , hands-on training session , led by Najah Aziz . Designed for the hair professional committed to executing precision cuts and edgy styles , Najah demonstrates and teaches the steps on how to master some of her most popular cuts and styles .
Your Investment Includes :
■ Folder with Printed Materials & Certificate • Mannequin Head
What You Need to Bring :
■ Cutting tools ( razor and / or shears ) • Cutting combs • Hair Clips
■ Curling / Flat iron • Water bottle • Styling Foam
French Cutting w . Candy Shaw
SUNLIGHTS ® featuring Candy Shaw (@ thebalaylama ) MONDAY 9:00a - 12:00p l ROOM 303B l Day of Show $ 269 Candy Shaw ’ s coveted French Cutting system will open your eyes to a whole new world of possibilities using your shears . Do not just learn another ‘ hair cut ;’ but rather , immerse yourself in a vast array of cutting techniques that will allow you to create soft , seamless , and wearable styles on demand . Like her balayage system , French Cutting is much more efficient compared to the traditional British Method , increasing your profitability at the chair . Candy will explain the benefits of cutting everything on top of the finger , building layering from the top of the head down , and utilizing face shapes to create custom looks for your guests . If you are looking for something fresh and new to bring back to the salon this year , French Cutting will set you apart from the rest and your guests will feel the difference ! Techniques & angles covered : Interior , Exterior , High Interior , Reverse Exterior , Mèche-a-Mèche , Diving , Dry Texturizing and so much more !
Your Investment Includes :
■ Use of a mannequin • la Coupe™ swag bag • Education handout & diploma
Knowledge Destroys Fear – Hands-On
DJ Muldoon and Team (@ danieljosephmuldoon ) SUNDAY 1:00 - 4:00p l ROOM 303C l Day of Show $ 225 This is a hands-on class that takes you through the what , why , how , when and the “ WHAT IF ” within our craft . Visual and practical theory broke down into the simplest most hybrid way of cutting hair precise and easy . Usable salon styles , while joining the classic and creative techniques , giving you the knowledge and skill to take you to a new level in your everyday salon work .
Your Investment Includes :
■ Mannequin • Certificate
What You Need to Bring :
■ Scissors • Combs • Clips • Water spray • Denman type brush
What You Need to Bring :
■ Straight cutting shears • Water bottle • Comb • A learning attitude !