Premiere Anaheim Day of Show 2023 | Page 15

Chrystofer Benson , Greta Coston , Pati Plymire , Cory Hoffman , DJ Muldoon , Ira Pope Sage , Sam SMith , Brayden Pelletier & special guests
SUNDAY 11:25a - 12:10p Together we are strong . Together we are passionate . Together we are powerful . Together , we seek to inspire and educate the entire industry around us . Together we are a FORCE , highly skilled and expertly trained to act in unison , creating together . Together , we make up “ AN INDUSTRY FOR ALL ” - Come witness the CBC Creative Team bring together an incredible diverse set of artists to represent the potential we all have to set this industry on fire in our own way . Merging the art of cutting , color , stying , barbering , and braiding , our incredibly unique set of artists will bring to life the power of UNITY in a ONE TIME spellbinding show , sharing Education and Inspiration to the industry they love .
MONDAY 10:00 - 11:00a Chrystofer Benson personally invites you to come join him and the award-winning CBC Creative Team as they show an interactive , LIVE photoshoot to help demystify the process of shooting award winning collections . With a special focus on NAHA , this panel of incredible artists will share their journey , knowledge , and experiences to help take you through a photoshoot from start to finish . Come witness a collection come to life before your eyes , ask questions , and gain all the resources you need to level up YOUR photo work and collections . The PBA NAHA team will also be at the shoot to provide more information about their competition . We look forward to seeing you there !
Paula Peralta , Fern the Barber , Orlando Rodriguez , Kristy Varga , Nike Blout , Jose Avila & Special Guests
Paul Mitchell
We ' re Back !
SUNDAY 1:15 - 2:00p l MONDAY 1:15 - 2:00p Join the Paul Mitchell team as they make their triumphant return to the Main Stage ! Plus don ’ t miss special guests Stephen Moody Sunday & Noogie Thai Monday !
Elizabeth Faye
Hairstylists Change the World
SUNDAY 4:00 - 4:45p Elizabeth Faye @ heyelizabethfaye is an industry thought leader & the founder of Hair Love . She recently just gave her TedX on how Hairstylists Change the World . She also produced a documentary on Amazon prime on this topic , to elevate the Industry . Come listen to her keynote about the impact YOU have in the industry and how tapping into your personal PURPOSE and life ’ s calling can amplify the impact you have daily .
Danger Jones Artistic Asylum
SUNDAY 3:05 - 3:50p The Danger Jones team of high-powered artists will be hitting the Anaheim Main Stage with an original show designed to entertain and educate . Find out why there is so much buzz surrounding this new and exciting hair color brand .
Sherry Ratay
Seasonal Haircolor
SUNDAY 4:55 - 5:40p Sherry will showcase her “ Seasonal Haircolor ” including blondes , brunettes , and redheads . Sherry will help you take your clients into their seasonal change by thinking “ outside the box ” during your consultation and share with you what to look for in each client including their skin tone , eye color , personality , and profession to name a few .