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I heard a commentator on Fox News state that one of Trump’s accomplishments as President is that he didn’t start any wars, but that is not true. Trump did start a war. The war he started pitted Americans against each other. Red vs. Blue. Right vs Left. Family vs. Family. Brother against Brother. White against Black. Hopefully the time has come to mend our nation.

Our November magazine has always focused on food and gratitude, but this November we are expanding our theme to help us heal from our wounds. We seek comfort from all of the small things that sustain us. Our stories focus on a wide range of people who are creating comfort by building caring communities. And we are honored to share their stories.

I am unable to be with my daughters this Thanksgiving due to the pandemic, so I wrote a list of the many ways we can find comfort. See our listicle on page__.

Take pleasure in the things that have always mattered. Now these small things mean so much more. Have a cup of steaming aromatic tea. Pull out your old photos to remember those whom you love, those whom you’ve lost and those who you are finding again. Pray like you’ve never prayed before. How you pray matters not. What is important are the honest words that speak from the core of your heart. Imagine the possibilities and the joy we bring to each other. Offer Thanksgiving for all of the small things you have been given.

Together, let’s celebrate Thanksgiving!

Take care and stay safe -Patricia Vaccarino




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