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I moved to the Bay Area in 1984. I went to Stanford and lived first on campus and later in Palo Alto. All four of those years, there was hard rain in winter ("rainy season"), every two weeks or so. We rarely have hard rain in winter now. Maybe three or four times a year. This is part of why the wildfires get so bad. For the first two year after I moved to Berkeley in 2010, my apartment seemed ideal. During the "cold" season, I could turn on the heat for a half hour, and my place would stay warm for the night. This has turned into a curse -- the apartment holds heat, but it is nearly always hot! I don't think I've turned the heat on for 3 years.

What I hear from people who grew up in San Francisco is that the famous San Francisco fog has gradually disappeared. There used to be a thick blanket of fog every evening. Now, San Francisco is sort of foggy, occasionally very foggy, but (from what I hear) not as distinct as in the past.


Barbara Ruth Saunders, an award-winning writer and poet who works as a technical writer.


San Francisco

The Disappearing Fog

by Barbara Ruth Saunders