PR for People Monthly July 2017 | Page 36

Fashion – art, design, creativity of all sorts, have enjoyed the benefits of digital enhancement. Digital strategies for improvement, creative expansion, and innovation have brought about new art forms as well as the experience of creativity and beauty. This month we’ll look at how digital handiwork and technical creativity have transformed and brought about new dimensions in artistic richness.

It’s old hat anymore to acquire custom tailored clothing, purchased using body shape analysis software for an exact, if not perfect, fit. Fashion shows are streamed, having undergone a metamorphosis from solely a hot ticket exclusive live show, to a global event available on screens worldwide. Five years ago these were major digital fashion breakthroughs.

Decades ago musicians became able to jam or collaborate on projects from disparate locations using IDSN phone lines. Actors, too, could do post-production sound and line corrections from afar using similar technology. As audio capture software improved and cloud transfer came to the fore, video and audio editing thrived with new opportunity. That, too, is now standard, accepted, and no big deal.

Exhibition of art is undergoing change thanks to digital strategy and technological advancements. Art galleries continue to exist in brick and mortar form. Forward thinking gallery operators now offer digital visits. And soon the VR (Virtual Reality) visits will be available. Imagine walking through a gallery, stopping in front of a work of art, taking it in, stepping closer or further away, to get perspective.

Take that a step further, add in Virtual Reality. The opportunities are infinite. Virtual Reality opens countless, once unimaginable, incredible doors for creativity and the arts.

Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks is a famous American painting. Many have imitated it, knockoffs show Elvis, among others, at the counter. Using VR, imagine if you could be there! You might sit at the counter beside the man with the cigarette or the fetching blond, and order a cup of coffee. The painting is well known for the mood and emotions it stimulates. Maybe you’d figure out just where is the diner’s door?!

Imagine art coming to life, as an interactive experience. Add conceptual art to that idea, using Escher’s hyperbolic geometric tessellations becoming truly experiential. The Dutch artist’s famous work, the multidirectional staircases in his painting, Relativity. Those stairs go every which way. How would it be to

Art, Beauty, and Digital Enhancements

by Dean Landsman