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As we forge ahead into 2019, I’m reminded of New Year’s Eve in Times Square. Everyone should experience being in Times Square to celebrate New Year’s Eve at least once in a lifetime. Hemmed-in, completely surrounded by people, the force is crushing and scary, but exhilarating. If you try to move, you cannot. And when the crowd does begin moving, you are carried along with it. You have no choice but to be swept away.

My experience in Times Square happened during my last year of college. Once is enough. No need to ever go there again. Everyday, though, there are situations that make us feel as though we are out of control. It is now more than the feeling of being out of control. We really are out of control.

One area of our lives that takes away our control is the internet and social media. Many of us are tethered to our phones and devices. And in some ways, they are more than critical tools of communication, but have become appendages of our own identity. For those of us who must promote ourselves, or our businesses, we are reliant on the internet and social media. We have yet to acknowledge that very few of us have the expertise or the money to navigate the Dark Web.

This month’s feature article, Making a Mark – Through the Dark, poses an important question. If P.R., marketing and branding experts have been humbled by the vagaries, snafus and traps of the Dark Web, then why do you think it works for you?

Happy New Year!

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