PR for People Monthly JANUARY 2017 - Page 32

Here’s how I configured save Options on my computer:

By checking the top box to Save AutoRecover information, then setting it at every 2 minutes, I need not worry about losing more than but a minimum amount of typing or creativity.

The next box, below that, Keep the last autosaved version if I close without saving, means if there’s a power loss or the computer dies, I know where to find a copy if all else fails.

Since I save my working documents in the cloud, I use the computer as the backup. I also run daily external disk backups to duplicate my files, so there’s always backup of everything.

That minimizes the risk of losing archived or stored files. The Options tab MS Office offers a fail-safe for those documents. Most programs provide a save option. If they don’t, it’s wise to make it practice to save your work regularly.

In this age of technology and ubiquitous computing, the responsible path is to minimize risk. Digital Strategy will save the day.