PR for People Monthly JANUARY 2016 - Page 36

Meet Aman Mukar of Crystals of India Inc., a company that sells crystals based on their Holistic and Metaphysical properties. He teaches crystal healing and meditation with crystals. He provides guidance on how to tune into the frequency of Crystals and how to use the High Vibrations of Crystals to uplift your aura.

  Aman left a 10-year financial services career to pursue this passion where he worked for not just materialistic gains, but also to reward his mind, body and soul. His favorite part of his business is that he gets to work with nature, and feel the positive vibrations around me at all times. “I feel so much more connected to this beautiful planet, universe and humans.”

  The services most often requested from Aman? People need help getting rid of negative energy in their homes. People also need help unblocking their feelings. When their feelings are held back, or they’re experiencing energy blockages, they are unable to move forward in life.

  “I feel blessed when I help someone, I feel happy that I am doing what I was born to do. I feel grateful that the universe gave me a chance to share these divine resources that have been provided to this planet and mankind. It truly is a blessing.”

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From the Bronx, N.Y.:

Crystal Energy

in the Bronx

By Dhylles Davis