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Come January 1st, many folks feel compelled to hit the reset button. Yet, they often find themselves swiftly falling short of their original intentions. Whether it be dietary, lifestyle or career transitions, we become master saboteurs, dismissing our bottom line (resolutions) before barely exiting the gate.

Confessing to these transgressions, but grateful for a resulting awareness (senior age “magical” wisdom), I’ve been led to ask questions outside myself. In doing so, and particularly with a mid-life emphasis on diet and health, I turned locally to my talented, competent and energetic Spin instructor and all around motivational cheerleader, Kelly Hasbrouck.

Kelly and I have had numerous discussions detailing the scrumptious after effects of a good healing sweat. Recognizable is the inherent physical and mental benefits invoked by a palpable and powerful workout. What keeps us galvanized after a heart-pumping session, long after the endorphins depart, deserves further exploration.

A cheerleader and then an avid and proficient tennis player in her youth, Kelly followed her athletic inclinations in college while teaching Step Aerobics classes. Soon after the birth of her twin boys, concern for her general health and accompanying weight gain fueled her desire to “be the best we can be,” Kelly’s interests developed into a passion. Subsequently, this passion helped overcome a fear of public speaking. The fitness studio is where she blossomed, sharing her enthusiasm and knowledge with an eager audience. Empowered from within, she finds particular joy in guiding and training for those, including, entire families, who seek her compassionate insight and cumulative experience.

Below she outlines her motivational tips for January’s “Renewal.”

1. Successful Health and Fitness Programs Include: (a) accountability with a workout buddy or personal trainer.

(b) commitment to improved nutrition.

(c) a consistent work-out schedule.

2. Embrace Change:

(a) try a variety of different workout routines.

(b) ask for help, utilize your support system (family, workout buddy, or personal trainer).

These suggestions can offer substantial differences in the success we achieve throughout the year!

About the only thing that comes to us without effort is old age. ~Gloria Pitzer

Kelly Hasbrouck Nicastro is currently the Fitness Director at Cherry Hill Health and Racquet Ball Club in Cherry Hill, NJ. She also holds positions as a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. Kelly can be reached at Knicastro 856-429-1388 X172

Cindy Weinstein, degreed in special education, with training primarily for the deaf pre-school and elementary populations, is our ground reporter from Medford, N.J. She spends her spare time musing life’s “magic” as it unfolds, while dabbling in yoga, journalistic writing and poetry. She cites tap dancing as a serious bucket-list item.

From Medford, N.J.:

New Year’s Re-Union

By Cindy Weinstein